OU vs. Texas Preview Special: Part III

Sooners Illustrated provides the three offensive keys against Texas.

Three offensive keys:

1. Get running back DeMarco Murray going early--The Texas secondary is stout, but OU can loosen it up if it can establish the running game, and that deals with feeding Murray early and often. That will force Texas to play tighter against the run, opening up some of the over-the-middle routes for the Sooners as well as opportunities to beat the Longhorns over the top.

2. Protect Landry Jones--Once Jones sits back in the pocket, he better have time to look around through all his progressions. Perhaps the only way to shut down slot receiver Ryan Broyles is to get pressure up front on the Sooner signal caller, so if the big boys up front can protect him, it will be a long day for the Burnt Orange.

3. Avoid getting behind the chains--OU seemed to do this a lot last year. It can ill-afford to have any holding or false start penalties that jeopardize possessions. The coaches always emphasize how important it is to stay within manageable distance of completing third downs, and the easiest way to get out of that range is to commit stupid penalties. That can't happen.

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