Stoops: "Defense was big"

Oklahoma jumped out to an early lead and leaned on it as the Sooners were able to hold on to an eight point win over Texas in front of 96,009 fans in the Cotton Bowl. OU head coach Bob Stoops is now 7-5 in the Red River Rivalry.

Opening statement:
"I'm just really proud of our football team to play the way they did. A well played football game against an excellent team of Texas. My compliments to them again. I know that they are always, year in and year out, a good solid football team. This is a special rivalry so to come out today, play like we did, and win a good football game to put us at 5-0, and of course our first conference game to win, is always a big deal. We'll get a chance to regroup and rest this week and get ready for the rest of the season. So it's a special game. It gives us a good boost for the start of conference play but as I said, coming into the game a bunch last week, we have seven-straight games coming, hopefully eight. We'll have to let it go, regroup and polish some things up. And we even found a way to make this one not so pretty. When you give yourself strong leads, like we have in these games into the fourth quarter, there is something to be said about that. That we're still winning and I do believe we will polish some things up and finish off better. But I'm proud of these guys and their efforts. DeMarco (Murray) rushed for 120-something yards. Landry throws for about 240, no interceptions, and two touchdowns. These guys played great. Travis was a leader on defense and did an excellent job."

On the 4th quarter fumble:
"I should have done a better job on that play as well. They didn't feel good about it, so in that situation I should have just used the last time out, and hopefully that would have given us a better play. So throw a lot of that on me."

On the fake field goal:
"You know, the breeze was against us. It felt like to me, it kind of picked up a little bit. I figured hey, why not give it a go. I didn't plan on losing 12 yards, I thought he would throw the ball away or try for an interference call. Just lay out there and give it a chance, and that didn't happen. Fortunately, the defense came right back out. We got a three-and-out and a sack right off the bat and it got us out of looking so bad, I guess."

On the defense:
"Defense was big. Coach Venables brought the backers and those guys did a good job getting in their space. And coverage had to be good since he held it a little bit and it was Tom that got the sack. That was a big play when you can back them up like that in the first half."

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