Tuesday Press Conference Quotebook

OU head coach Bob Stoops and offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson took the podium to address last week's game and the issues the Sooners will be working on during their idle week.

Bob Stoops:

"Well, again that's up to them to decide. I don't comment on officiating. But I've been on that side of it not long ago, and a year ago you guys all watched us, all the different penalties, whether it be that game or, you know, other games."--On UT coach Mack Brown's complaints about the officiating in last week's game.

"Well, he shouldn't have to. Now that the rule allows us to, that has to be me, unless he's in a situation right where it's just totally not going to work, then he can, at any time he can do that. Sometimes if it is, a quarterback will get it straight on his own, too, so in the end, that falls on my shoulders. I should have called a timeout." --On the confusion at the end of the game before the play quarterback Landry Jones fumbled on and if he should have called timeout

"You know, like a lot of young guys and unfortunately for Tom, he's really a true freshman in the way and that his time on the practice field. A lot of these true freshmen we have right now, you know, Tom was hurt before the season and missed the whole year and wasn't able to practice a whole year, so he's learning. He's maturing, growing all the time and getting more comfortable and used to playing, and that is natural for all young guys, and so I just see more consistency and more comfort in what he's recognizing." --On MIKE linebacker Tom Wort, who was criticized a week ago, and broke out last week

"Yeah, he has to continue to, you know, do the things we need him to do in practice, and he does a nice job, but again it's getting the trust as a defensive end, and everybody goes down that he closes off the gap instead of running up field or, I mean, there's a lot of little subleties that go into, you know, as well as mental errors or not and, you know, just being accountable to the defense. But he's a great guy that works hard every day, and we love him, so we're going to continue to work with him, and, you know, we'll see where it goes." --On Ronnell Lewis' status

"No, well I mean, we're very aware of where, you know, it was talked about at great length yesterday of all the different areas we've got to keep working and improving and go out and practice, so I really sense that they're hungry to practice this week, you know, to make that improvement." --On if he addresses that there's stuff they need to work on even though many definitely consider them the frontrunner in the South now

"We did. There were multiple ones to vote on, but in the end, there's no way around it. It's that or you have to go some other places two years in a row or other people come to you two years in a row, so it's just kind of one of those issues that we didn't see a lot of way around it, to be quite honest with you." --On going to Stillwater two years in a row with the new schedule

"Yeah, it was great to see them. Those guys, you don't get to see them very much, so when you do, it brings back a lot of good feelings, just the good young men that they are, you know, saw Gerald [McCoy] and Phil Loadholt, Adrian Peterson, Marcus Walker was there, Mark Bradley. I'm sure there were others. Those were the guys I was able to see, so you just enjoy the chance to get around them for a little bit, and give them a huge. They're great kids, so it was--not anymore, they great young men--so it was just fun to be around them for a little bit after the game." --On some of the alumni players coming to the Red River Rivalry game

"Yes, and, you know, that's not the way I would say it, but Jaz is definitely still suspended and it's something that we'll, you know, with the athletic department, work through, but until we do that, I'm not going to comment on it further. There's just no place for his comment last week." --On Jaz Reynolds being in the doghouse after what he said after the incident on UT's campus last week

"Yes, but I'm not allowed to speak about recruiting other than we are recruiting guys." --On if they're recruiting Barry Sanders Jr. and how that's going

Kevin Wilson:

"Yeah, I don't know. Each week you're attacking a defense a little differently. You know, some weeks, you know, some of our run game has been some of the intermediate or short or quick or bubble passes that complement the runs, so the numbers aren't well. Last week they were going to challenge a lot of those throws, so the intermediates had to be when they were called work because the shorter passes had to work because we weren't going to get a lot of simple ones, and that meant the run game had to be better. We tried to go a little more--you know, we picked some spots to go sideways or stretch plays or perimeter plays--but we needed to go straight ahead. We put in the fullback play with Trey [Millard] last week just to try to get a quick hitter or a fast one." --On how the run game is evolving and helping them out

"We are running too many plays and got too much offense but not enough points. We're leaving points on the field in every game. We were at the 35, 40, a bunch the other day, and we left some points, and that's a credit to their defense, but if we can execute better outside of closing the game. We got 314, [315] yards, at Cincinnati in the first half, and we're sitting on 17 or 21 [points]. We've got to find a way in that fringe zone area of executing and getting more points on the board." --On not scoring as much as they possibly should be at times

"Yeah, I mean he does well now. He's still, you know, just instinctively seeing, understanding. I mean, shoot, the last play of the game we were taking a knee and he's got a three foot split. I showed him, I go, ‘Gabe, what do you think they're going to do here?' They're trying to grab the ball and kill the quarterback. [I said], ‘What are you thinking.' He goes, ‘I don't know.' He's used to playing tight end when you're out there in space. It's like we're trying to pack it in like a bunch of sheep in here, you know, and surround our deal, so he's still learning, but he's very smart, very talented, a very good blocker. He's learning how to play guard. He's doing well." --On the progress of Gabe Ikard

"I'm not thinking time of possession by any means, and for a no-huddle team, we're actually pretty good in time of possession, but that's not a goal. That's a stat of football that doesn't always win." --On T.O.P. and how the offense is doing there

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