Oklahoma Leads for Nance?

Sooners Illustrated brings you an interview with 2012 Linebacker prospect Brian Nance out of Trinity High School in Euless, Texas. Nance talked about his experience at the Red River Rivalry and where the Sooners currently stand on his list.

Every year Oklahoma and Texas rotate on who gets to invite recruits to the Red River Shootout. A chance for recruits to experience one of, if not the most electrifying games and game day atmospheres in what many believe to be the number one rivalry in all of college football.

This year was Oklahoma's turn as they sent out tickets to all of the 2011 commitment class along with some of the more highly sought after 2012 prospects who are currently on the Sooners radar. Nance was one of the lucky few to receive an invite out of the 2012 class.

It ended up being a good year for Nance to attend the game, considering the Sooners pulled off a 28-20 victory and stayed the course moving to 5-0 on the season. Having never been to an OU/Texas game Nance didn't expect the experience to turn out like it did.

"It was fun you know with the big crowd and the big environment," Nance began. "I didn't expect to see that (atmosphere). It was me, Brandon Carter, Nila (Kasitati), and Hiva Lutui. We all hung out and watched the game. We enjoyed it and took pictures and stuff."

Linebackers Travis Lewis and Tom Wort had great performances this past Saturday and it did not go un-noticed by the 6-foot-3 and 220-pound Nance.

"Yeah, I was watching Lewis and Wort. They play fast and physical. They are all-around linebackers."

Turns out Nance actually had a team he was rooting for throughout the game, the same team that happens to be the leading candidate for his services for the 2012 season.

"I was rooting for OU," Nance stated. "Yea, I was definitely rooting for OU. Oklahoma is my leader right now."

Nance talked about the things that attract him to the University of Oklahoma.

"There is a lot," Nance said when asked what it is about the Sooners he likes. "It's the program, the history of their school, the coaching staff. They make you feel at home."

Claiming to have an Oklahoma offer already, Nance is going to sit back and wait before making his decision.

"They (Oklahoma) have offered me already but I am going to sit back and wait until my senior season to see where it is I want to go," Nance explained.

When explaining what it is Nance is looking for in a school you will hear a lot of the same things he stated on why the Sooners sit atop his leader board.

"Definitely education and where I feel most comfortable at. And if I can blend in with the team and feel like I am at home.

One thing about Nance that quite a few people don't know is that he is actually a talented basketball player from the Bronx in New York.

"Yea I played basketball up there (Bronx). I have played basketball for a long time. I played guard and I have a good history in basketball."

"Football has taken over but I'll never lose my love for basketball."

So far through six games Nance has compiled 47-tackles with one-interception and two-passes deflected.

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