Finch Nears Full Strength

The Sooners were all set to unleash a pair of talented freshmen running backs in the opener, but those plans took a hit when Roy Finch suffered a hairline ankle fracture before the first game

But now he's back in practice and will probably see action once OU returns from its bye week against Iowa State Oct. 16 at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

"Yeah, we'll have to see how this week and next week goes," said OU head coach Bob Stoops. "But, you know, we're hopeful he'll be back to full speed and we want to start to give him some opportunities, so we'll just kind of, you know, work through the week and see how it goes."

The biggest thing will just be if he's consistent with where he was before he was injured.

"You know, the issue with Roy will be missing so much time, does he come back where he was because he was close and would have probably been contributing to some degree in complementing the run game and the perimeter players and would have had a certain degree of an impact on what we're trying to do probably," said offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. "Coming through two-a-days that was the plan. That was the thought."

However, it might be difficult right away for him to return from an injury and get used to the change in game speed from high school to college that is so frequently talked about.

"My concern for Roy is just it's just hard when you're a freshmen and miss time, how quickly that gets up to speed," Wilson said. "If it gets up to speed quick, he'll have a chance to help us, and that's our thought, but we need to see how he responds when he's out there practicing."

But the fact of the matter is Finch will give the Sooners both another versatile option at running back this year in their chase for the national championship and for years to come.

"It's both [of those]," Stoops said. "I mean, he's a guy we think can help us, and we do have two senior running backs, so it will also make him more prepared for next year, so all of it together."

With OU already rolling out those two seniors and veterans in DeMarco Murray and Mossis Madu, as well as freshman Brennan Clay and sophomoreJermie Calhoun, Finch return will only strengthen what's a stronghold of this team.

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