Talking with Barry Sanders (Part One)

Sooners Illustrated was able to catch up with 2012 Top 100 four-star RB, Barry Sanders out of Heritage Hall School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to talk with him about his interest in OU and his visits to watch the Sooners play. Check inside to see what he had to say in part one of a two part series!

When looking at 2012 prospects one that will definitely stick out to you is Barry Sanders, not just because of his impressive film, his speed or even the moves he can make that leave defenders feeling useless. Yep you guessed it, it's because he is the son of NFL Hall of Fame running back of the same name.

Sanders is regarded as one of the greatest running backs of all time, mostly because of his balance, speed and unbelievable ability to change directions at any given moment like we've never seen before. He retired after 10 seasons in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and finished just shy of the NFL rushing record.

In college Sanders had an unbelievable career at Oklahoma State University where he was awarded the Heisman trophy. With that kind of history most would think Sanders may want to follow in the same footsteps and wear the same uniform his dad wore in college, and in the end that could happen as OSU is listed as one of his top schools, but at this point in the game he reports he is considering all of his options.

He has even been able to check out the Sooners a couple of times this season, with the latest stop being the Red River Rivalry game in the Cotton Bowl.

"It was good you know with two teams with a lot of history," Sanders said of the match-up between Oklahoma and Texas. A game the Sooners eventually won 28-20.

"It's a big group of fans that don't like each other so it's always fun to see the two teams go at it. I enjoyed myself and I'm pretty sure it won't be my last to go to."

Watching big games like Oklahoma and Texas always tends to make onlookers wonder what it would be like if they were down on the field with the pads on. Sanders got the same feeling while watching the two traditional powerhouses battle it out on the gridiron.

"Any rivalry game I go to I get that feeling of what it would be like if I were to be down there playing. Those are the games I look forward to playing in one of these days."

A couple weeks back Sanders took a visit to Oklahoma to watch the Sooners take on Air Force. And from all accounts everything went better than expected.

"It went pretty well, actually very well," said Sanders to "It wasn't strange. I didn't know what to expect but coach (Cale) Gundy made it easy and comfortable. Then the local guy on the OU team like Jimmy (Stevens-former Heirtage Hall kicker) they made it easy too. I know those guys, so that was good. I got to see their facilities and what all they have down there. It is really nice."

Talk amongst fans and recruiting gurus around the region is that Oklahoma doesn't have much of a chance, that Sanders isn't really interested in the Sooners. Well after seeing the Sooners play Air Force and then a couple weeks later taking his time to see them again against Texas, Sanders has to have legitimate interest right?

"Yea," Sanders said when asked if he does have interest in the Sooners.

"Like I tell people the big thing is if I decide to stay in state or go out of state. If I decide to stay in state then I have to look at both schools and see which one I can see myself playing with the most, so we will see."

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