Talking with Barry Sanders (Part Two)

Sooners Illustrated was able to catch up with 2012 Top 100 four-star RB, Barry Sanders out of Heritage Hall School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to talk with him about his growing relationship with OU RBs coach Cale Gundy and a number of other topics. Check inside to see what he had to say in part two of a two part series!

At the moment Barry Sanders holds 12 offers from some of the greatest college programs in the country like Alabama, Tennessee, Notre Dame, UCLA and obviously Oklahoma State to name a few.

Sanders, who states he is wide open at the moment, did talk about his love for his dad's Alma Mater, Oklahoma State.

"As a fan they (Oklahoma State) will always be there because I love that program and have been around it for a long time. This recruiting stuff though is a lot different and tough."

In part one of this feature Sanders talked about having to make a decision between both OU and OSU if he decides to stay in-state. But so far the Sooners have yet to extend Sanders a verbal offer.

"They haven't yet," Sanders began when asked if he's received an OU offer. "Cale Gundy told me I'm going through the evaluation stages like any other back and with time I could potentially get an offer."

Speaking of OU running backs coach Cale Gundy, Sanders says they are just now getting the opportunity to get to know each other and a relationship is just now in the developmental stages.

"It's grown," Sanders said about his relationship with coach Gundy. "I'm just now getting to start to talk to him a little bit. He's a good guy and I like him."

When talking to offensive prospects about the kind of offense they prefer it's not too often you will hear them talk about defense, but Sanders wants to play for a program that is well balanced.

He wants to win.

"I would think the I formation or definitely a balanced offense. It doesn't have to be a pro style but balanced I would like that," Sanders said of his preferred style of offense.

"I would like to go to a place with good defense, because you know defense wins championships."

Sanders talked about what it is he will be looking for in a school when deciding later on down the road.

"Tradition is the main thing and program stability," Sanders explained. "I would like the coach that is recruiting me to be there all four years that I am there. Someone I can count on and have my best interest."

Halfway through the season Sanders had already gained 970-yards on 75-carries with 14-touchdowns. That's an astounding 12.93 yards per carry average. And every six carries Sanders is finding pay dirt.

With those kinds of numbers Sanders must be doing something on the field like his dad used to. When asked what it is about his game that reminds him of his dad the most Sanders had this to say.

"Probably our cutting ability, there wasn't a lot of people that can cut like him. And I see some similarities."

At 5-foot-9 and 180-pounds Sanders claims to have run a 4.31 forty, but when asked if he is faster than his dad he was quick to respond.

"I wouldn't say that... He's fast!"

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