Oklahoma Commits Face Off

Last Friday night Sooners Illustrated was in attendance to watch Arlington Martin and Arlington Sam Houston face off in a district matchup. Danzel Williams, 2011 three-star CB commit from Martin HS and Kameel Jackson, 2011 three-star WR commit from Sam Houston HS took center stage. Check inside to see how they fared.

Arlington Martin's offense got going early on in this game and never looked back. Of course it always helps when playing against a defense that is totally inept at best. Martin did not have to punt in this contest and pulled away early and dominated Sam Houston for a 43-6 victory.

Danzel Williams (Cornerback, Martin HS)

Stat Line: Williams had a big night finishing with 10-carries for 135-yards and four touchdowns (24, 5, 51, and 4).

Strengths: Williams showed a good initial burst and hit top speed in a hurry. He isn't afraid to run up the middle and he disappeared when running between the tackles due to his smaller stature which helps. Williams has low center of gravity and a thick lower body which makes it hard to bring him to the ground with just one defender. He always kept his feet moving while running through traffic. Williams displayed great patience and vision in this game and was often seen running through traffic with his hand on his lead blockers back. He didn't dance in the backfield and was always seen going north and south with the ball in his hands.

Weaknesses: Williams didn't seem to attack the defender while blocking as a lead blocker on sweeps or in the backfield in pass protection. He would shoot his hands out but would just kind of run into the defender instead of being physical and blowing them up. He did not see the field at corner or safety so I can't tell you how he fared there which is where some believe he will play at the next level.

Highlight Play: On his 51-yard TD run Williams stayed patient running behind his blocker and then looked right while keeping his feet moving. He bounced outside using a shoulder dip and left jab step on the safety and then raced untouched to the end zone.

Kameel Jackson (Wide Receiver, Sam Houston HS)

Stat Line: Jackson did not have a big night with only two-receptions for 39-yards on the night. However, it is not entirely his fault due to on some plays Jackson was wide open but the quarterback (Jamal Turner, committed to Nebraska) was not looking his way.

Strengths: Jackson looks bigger in the upper body than last year when I saw him play. He did a good job using his body on out routes to shield defenders off the ball. He also displayed decent speed even though he was seen limping throughout the entire game with an ankle injury that he is still dealing with. His ankle was reinjured in the 4th quarter but Jackson still got out on the field to make a big play which shows he will play through pain.

Weaknesses: It definitely has to be a concern that Jackson just never seems to be healthy. He dealt with a knee injury almost all of last year and has been dealing with an ankle injury for most of this year. He seemed to be frustrated for most of this game and just not entirely into it which could also be due to not getting the attention he should from his quarterback. Jackson also had a couple uncharacteristic drops in this game on some balls that should have been routine catches.

Highlight Play: After removing tape off his ankle himself and going back into the game when being told not to by his trainers Jackson made the biggest play of the night for Sam Houston. After checking back in Jackson could barely run on the first play. He then lined up in the slot and ran a post route on the corner where he ran right at him and delivered a jab step to the outside and then cut across his face. Turner lead Jackson a little too much with the throw but Jackson was able to tip the ball with his right hand back to himself to make the 30-yard reception. Sam Houston would score a couple plays later however, Jackson did not return after making the big play for his team while in obvious pain.

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