Turnin' on the A.C.

Freshman cornerback Aaron Colvin's been known as Slick for a majority of his life.

"That was real young," Colvin said. "I say like fifth grade, fourth or fifth grade. It really wasn't as popular until everybody in Tulsa, everybody in Oklahoma knew me as Slick."

The nickname was given to him by his old Tulsa league baseball coach, Greg Ericson, provided one thing in return.

"I told him a long time ago that if I ever made it big time, I'd give him a shout out," Colvin said. "So, here's my shout out. Greg Ericson, if you hear this or see this, this is your shout out.

Really the name makes perfect sense.

"He gave me that nickname because he said I always looked so smooth on the baseball field, on the diamond," Colvin said.

But now, veteran linebacker Travis Lewis is trying to give him a new nickname.

One that also makes sense.

"I call him A.C.," Lewis said. "I tell him, you know, that's his new nickname, A.C., because he cools them down. He cools, shuts them receivers down, cools them down."

That's just what he's done since taking over for the injured Jamell Fleming at Cincinnati.

"What he's done over the last two weeks has been unbelievable," Lewis said. "I think he's gotten like one or two balls caught on him."

Albeit, one of those was a 40-yard reception to Texas receiver Malcolm Williams that allowed the Longhorns to cut the score to one possession in the final three minutes of OU's 28-20 win in that game.

"The 40-yarder was just all on me," Colvin said. "There's no excuses. It was bad technique. I didn't do what I was practicing throughout the week, and I just kind of went all down the drain, and that was just all my fault. No, we were just [in] man. I kind of bit on the--I didn't really bite--but I sat on the stick route, thought they were going to try to move the chains, but there was no excuse to that."

Lewis cut him some slack.

"They're [freshmen] going to make some mistakes like that big play he gave up," Lewis said. "But he was in pretty good position. But, you know, they're going to give up something, but they're going to make more plays. You know, they're going to make up for that. So, he did a great job."

After all, he has been pretty consistent in his coverage of the past couple weeks and has recorded 14 tackles as well, including 1.5 for loss.

All of this begs the question, though, is he really surprised at how quickly he's made an impact?

"No, it's really not because I felt like I could come in and play," Colvin said. "I wouldn't have came here if I didn't think I could play, and that was if I would have went anywhere, so I can't say that, you know, I'm not trying to be almost cocky or overconfident, but I just felt like I could play at this level."

And not only play, but he's got the trust of his coaches while he's out there on the field.

"Coach Martinez, he's really consistent with the way he acts," Colvin said. "He knows his guys. He trusts in all his guys, and I felt like he did trust in me, and for him to give me that opportunity against Texas, that obviously proves that he did trust in me.

And he just always told me, ‘It's just another game, A.C. There's a reason why we recruited you.' He always says that. There's a reason why they recruit us, so anybody they bring in here is a player. So, he just told me to come in, know what I've got to do, see down and distance, formations, and that's what I did, and it was successful."

Successful enough to please the coaches as well as his other teammates, prompting that new nickname.

"Slick's good, but I think A.C. [is better] because I say, he cools them down," Lewis said. "We tell him on the sideline, you all see him every time I talk to him on the sideline during the game, I'm going to be like, ‘Keep cooling him down.' You know, A.C., you know, turn the A.C. on. I think he likes it. I think he likes it because he gets pretty crunk on the sideline when I'm telling him to cool them down, so, you know, that's my boy right there."

Colvin's response: "Yeah, that's cool, it's cool."

Just what he does to receivers.

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