Quotes of the Week

From linebacker Travis Lewis to running back DeMarco Murray, there has been some interesting discussion this week, and Sooners Illustrated has picked some of the top quotes of the week to present.

3. Head coach Bob Stoops reacts to the Sports Illustrated agent story:

"[It's] not surprising to us coaches," Stoops said. "It's concerned us all for quite a long time. Very disturbing, but we have suspected it for a very long time, not of anyone at all in particular, just that, you know, there's too much information, too many people connected. [It's] very disturbing and unfortunate and I don't know. I want to say shocking that that would be the case, but I don't know that it's shocked by anything with the tangled Web that's involved with all of those, you know, that whole draft process and agents and getting players out and that whole thing's a wreck."

2. Running back DeMarco Murray talks about what it's like to be among the crowd of former Sooner greats Steve Owens and Billy Simms:

"You know, just kind of breathtaking, you know, just to be mentioned in the same categories as those former players. And I know what they've done here in the past and the tradition that they left here, and, I mean, it's just unbelievable and just loss of words. I have no [words]. I don't know, it's just crazy."

1. Linebacker Travis Lewis makes a bold statement about what he expects from his defense this week:

"I was telling the defense today I want a shutout. You know, we had, I think, three shutouts last year, and we haven't gotten close to having one this year. You know, so that's the emphasis this week is we want to shut them out. We want to prove to everybody how great of defense we actually are because we don't think we've played up to that level this season yet, and, you know, where else better to do it than at home in front of 85,000?"

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