RECRUITING: Sooners pursuing Florida guard

Ft. Lauderdale shooting guard may be at the top of OU's wish list for the spring signing period


Jimmy Tobias, a six-foot-three shooting guard from Ft. Lauderdale, has emerged as the Sooners top guard recruit for the second signing period. He is considered the best guard in Florida, but he has a ways to go with his academics and that has chased off a few schools. However, it hasn't chased off Oklahoma and the Sooners have offered Tobias. I had a chance to chat with the star guard about his season and top recruiting choices.

JH: How did your season go?

JT: "I finished the season averaging 19.3, 7 rebounds and five assist per game. We finished as a team 32-1 and won the Class 6A state championship. This was the third time we won the state championship while I have been there. I play the two guard and the point for us."

JH: What did you average as a junior?

JT: "Last year I averaged 17 points per game."

JH: How well did you shoot the three-ball last year?

JT: "I shot 43 percent behind the line and overall I shot easily over 50 percent. I think I can drive to the hoop pretty well, but I can shoot it too. Teams have to respect me and I can keep them honest because I can drive or pull up and shoot it."

JH: What schools do you like in recruiting?

JT: "Oklahoma, South Florida, Fresno State, San Diego State, UMASS and Miami. I am having a hard time choosing right now between Oklahoma, South Florida and UMASS. They are my top three schools right now."

JH: What is it you like about Oklahoma?

JT: "They have a great coach and I love their offense. They seem to be able to play any style on offense and they are not afraid to get up and down the court. They seem to have good team chemistry, but I really don't know because I haven't visited them yet. I don't know much about their school, but I will learn a lot more about them when I visit. I don't have a visit date yet, but we are working on it right now. I think I will visit Oklahoma towards the end of April."

JH: How about South Florida?

JT: "They have a good coaching staff. They play the style of basketball that I like to play. I still have to take a visit with them as well. I am going to visit South Florida on April 13th."

JH: How about UMass?

JT: "They have a good coach too, but I am in the same situation with them because I haven't visited them yet."

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