WHoops Media Day: Part II

Sooners Illustrated provides a quotebook from Big 12 Media Days.

Head coach Sherri Coale:

On the rehab situation of the injured Whitney Hand--"She's doing great. It's vintage Whitney Hand. She's just attacked it, you know, and I just hate it for her because she attacked the first rehab, you know, so just done a tremendous job. She immersed herself in our team last year and played the role that she needed to play while not being in uniform, and then she gets back out there. And she didn't hurt it again. It just was another piece of the original injury that had to be cleaned up, but she's over the hump now. She's off crutches, and she's walking. She'll start jogging soon, and shooting follows, and we'll have her back before you know it."

On the state of the conference in the future--"I felt it was important that the media talk about the practical application of what that realignment would do and I just for personal reasons. I just felt like that was my job. I was hired to educate kids and to put them in a situation to be successful, so as the world turned, I guess, and we came up with the Big 12 moving forward as 10, what I think about that is that we have the strongest basketball conference in America. It was really good before. I'm not sure it's not even better now because we get a true champion, and I know from other leagues, when you bounce back and forth and you don't play this team this year and you play this team twice this year, that can really skew who your champion is. You look at our league and the number of teams that go to the NCAA tournament every year, about six or seven of us reside in the Top 25 throughout the entire year. The strength of our league from a women's basketball standpoint is off the charts. We kept that together. We kept that intact, and now we'll have a true champion from a league of such great parity. I just think it's incredibly positive for the Big 12."

Point guard Danielle Robinson:

On the current freshman class--They come in ahead of, you know, the freshman class, you know, with that many people. I think that they work extremely hard and they're so willing to learn, and that's what great about it. They just fit right in with all of us."

On how practice and how it's been different than the first three years--"I mean, of course, it's a lot more teaching than it has been since both of us have been here, but it's a good thing. It's a great opportunity for us veterans to, you know, be mentors, and, you know, it also helps us learn while you teach. So, just to reinforce those fundamental values that we have as a veteran, to teach to the new guys and show them what it's like and what it's supposed to be like, it's good."

Forward Carlee Roethlisberger:

On her thoughts on the upcoming season--"I'm excited, coming off back-to-back Final Fours I think first of all is one thing that you can always look forward to at the end of the season, knowing that we've done it before, and there's always hopes to do it again. And I think the second thing is that this is my last chance, coming in here with six new girls to be a teacher and just a leader, not only on the court but off the court, I think is something that anybody hopes for as they go throughout college and as you go throughout life."

On how practice has been at the start--"Practice so far has been a lot of learning and teaching, just getting the young guys' feet wet, so it's different than it's been since I've been here. This is the most new people we've brought in, so it's been different, but we're moving along at a quick pace."

On the expectations with all the freshmen--"I think the expectations would be the same at the University of Oklahoma. It's a program that Coach Coale has, you know, started that legacy and built it up to where it is right now, and I think that to set any standards less than, you know, hoping to get to a Final Four would be just, it would be bad."

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