Dismuke Talks Sooners (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the in-depth interview with Dylan Dismuke he talks about the situation with his long awaited offer from Oklahoma and his commitment. If some of you have forgotten Dismuke didn't feel he was get the offer he wanted from his childhood favorite team and almost committed elsewhere. That was before receiving the red carpet treatment from OU offensive line coach James Patton.

After receiving his offer from Oklahoma back in May the 6-foot-6 and 292-pound Dylan Dismuke still was not sure that he wanted to commit to the team he grew up a fan of due the Sooner staff not showing much interest up to that point. But, when he attended the summer camp and Oklahoma Offensive Line Coach James Patton rolled out the red carpet Dismuke knew in his heart what he should do.

"I got the offer and all that but it was still to the point where I was like man I don't know. I might go there and I might not," Dismuke began. "Then I went up there to their football camp and I ended up getting to hang out."

"I basically told Coach Patton on the phone what I wanted to see so I could make my decision and he pretty much showed me everything and did everything I wanted the way I wanted him to. And I felt like it was right in my heart so that is why I committed. To be honest it wasn't that I was a die hard fan my whole life it just felt like the right thing to do."

It appears that Coach Patton is one of the most liked coaches in the Sooner program according to Dismuke.

"We talk like once a week," Dismuke said about him and Coach Patton. "To be honest getting to know him and everyone else he is probably my favorite coach. He seems like probably the coolest one. He's also the one that I heard from everybody else, previous players and players that are there right now that he is like the most likeable coach. I talk to him a lot and it's not like a close relationship. It's just a lot of stuff over the phone you know what I mean."

Dismuke was unsure if OU was even going to offer him, so the Sooners almost missed out on him because he was all set to make a commit to Texas Tech.

"To be honest with you I was leaning towards Texas Tech, all spring that is who I was leaning towards. It was because of how their coaching staff was and how I talked to them and had a close relationship with them."

"My whole deal was I didn't want to go somewhere that the coaches didn't act like they cared and I hadn't really talked to them (Oklahoma) a whole lot."

It sounds as though the Sooners may have had a few haters out there who were telling Dismuke incorrect information about the program, most notably about the offseason program. So Dismuke decided to go check it out for himself before making a decision.

"I just wanted to go up there and see how they treated me and how they did everything like their strength and conditioning coach and their offseason program because I had heard nothing but negative stuff," Dismuke explained.

"Everything I heard I did not see so what I had been hearing is not the truth it was just people stretching everything."

Dismuke does not partake in recruiting other prospects to Oklahoma due to not wanting to put any pressure on them, which is something he didn't want either.

"I have talked to a bunch of them (recruits) but I haven't been recruiting or anything I just left that up to them. To be honest with you this is how I feel, I was going for a school that was not pressuring me to go in. I was just going for a school that was just showing me what they had to offer and what they could do. And they (Oklahoma) told me to go with what my heart says."

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