Goal Line Grief

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Sooners had five trips within the Texas A&M Aggies' five yard line Saturday night, and they failed to come away with points during three of those trips in their 33-19 loss.

"The story of the game, though, is that we claw our way back and miss some opportunities," said head coach Bob Stoops. "We had three different occasions down at the one yard line or inside the one with fourth down and we can't make it."

The first of those three failed goal-line trips came on the Sooners' third drive, and senior running back DeMarco Murray and freshman fullback Trey Millard could not get into the end zone on four straight run plays within the five with Murray failing to execute on third and fourth downs from the one.

The other two times came late in the fourth quarter with similar results: the offensive line not opening up a running lane and Murray being tackled short of the goal line.

"It's disappointing," Stoops said. "You've got to be able to block people. The case of those situations in some of them everyone's blocked but one guy or one guy does not do his job then the whole thing breaks down."

Even though the execution was not there, offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson takes the blame for calling those plays in those situations.

"Getting into the game, we tried a route they cluttered up a couple times and the way we were tempoed on a couple runs; we thought we could slam it in and we didn't," Wilson said. "So, bad choices; bad calls on my part."

To simply put it, the plays that Wilson called were not effective.

"We missed some plays and we missed some great scoring opportunities," Wilson said. "The guys played hard. We've got to look at what we're doing and put our guys in better plays because the plays we did [run] didn't work. That's our fault as coaches; me as calling plays, what's going on."

The only times OU succeeded in putting points on the board during those situations came on a 1-yard touchdown run by Murray, who failed to punch the ball in from the same distance on the previous play, and a five-yard touchdown pass to freshman wide receiver Trey Franks. But, those two touchdowns proved to not be enough as those up-to 21 points left on the field sealed the Sooners' loss.

"They did the job and we didn't," Stoops said.

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