Bradley Has a Complete Visit (Part 1)

Sooners Illustrated continues to bring you in depth interviews with members of the 2011 commitment class. This time around we bring you an interview with three-star QB, Archie Bradley out of Broken Arrow HS in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In part one Bradley talks about his extremely busy official visit dealing with both baseball and football.

Archie Bradley has attended almost all of the Sooners home games this season. This time around he decided to make one of those trips his official visit. Bradley's official visit agenda had to be done a lot differently than most due to his baseball talent. Bradley is committed to the Sooners to play both baseball and football if or when he gets to Norman.

On the trip Bradley was bouncing back and forth from baseball to football all day long.

"It was awesome," Bradley began about his official visit. "I was back and forth. They did a great job setting it up to be a double visit between baseball and football. I woke up Saturday morning you know we lost to Jenks unfortunately. I woke up about seven o'clock, got to Norman around eleven o'clock and checked in at the hotel."

"I met Coach Golloway the baseball coach and Coach Tadlock and went and ate lunch with those guys. Right after I ate lunch with them I headed over to the football field and went upstairs and met with Coach Heupel. We sat down and my family met him."

With it being game day and all Bradley and his family headed to Norman with the idea that the Sooners head man would not have the time to talk with them but ended up a bit surprised.

"Coach Stoops actually had some time and we didn't think he was going to be able to since it was game day and everything. So me and my family went in his office and my family got to meet him. I had already met him before and we sat down and talked for probably about 20-25 minutes. He just talked to my family about the opportunities I would be given and a little bit about how they are going to manage things when I make it to campus and stuff like that," Bradley explained.

"Then we went to the indoor facility where we met Coach Schmidt and his staff. They took us through the weight room and explained how we will do weight testing, how we will be expected to perform and how they get us on an eating diet. He explained the dieting hall and the rooming situation."

Joining Bradley in Norman on their official visits were two other 2011 commitments who he may get the opportunity to throw the rock to later on down the road in five-star WR Trey Metoyer and three-star WR Kameel Jackson.

"I met two other guys who were on their visits Kameel (Jackson) and Trey (Metoyer), the two big receivers from Texas. It was good getting to hang out with them," Bradley stated. "Then I headed back over to baseball and watched the inter-squad game. After that I went to go eat with Coach Golloway and Coach Tadlock again and had another good meal."

After getting done with his baseball side of the visit Bradley took off back over to the football side of things to check out the Sooners go through their pre-game duties before they took the field on their way to defeating the Colorado Buffaloes 43-10.

"I headed back over to football and hung out in the locker room while the players started to arrive. I talked to Landry (Jones), Blake (Bell) and all those guys and (Ryan) Broyles. I talked to Stacy McGee for a while because he came from a school that I used to go to," Bradley stated.

"Then went in the big video room while they did their little meetings, they all came in there and watched the motivational video. Then from there we went back up into the hospitality room and a couple minutes before they (players) went out we went out on the field, like we always do before the game. We watched them warm up and all that. Then we went to the stands and watched them play a great game."

The Sooners also had the opportunity to have another top notch wide receiver and maybe the number one overall prospect for next year on campus in 2012 five-star WR, Dorial Green-Beckham out of Hillcrest HS in Springfield, Missouri.

The Sooners coaching staff made sure to get both Bradley and Kendal Thompson, the Sooners other 2011 Quarterback commitment that was also in attendance to go and try to get to know the talented wide receiver prospect.

"Yes I did," Bradley answered about seeing Green at the game. "While we were on the sideline I talked to him for about 15-minutes, I got his number and I have been texting him."

While at the game Bradley and Thompson were informed that Green is the number one receiving target in the entire country, so the two gunslingers wasted little time in getting to know the monster target.

"So, we walked over there and we talked to him (Green). From what he told me and Kendal, Oklahoma is his number one right now. I mean he can come here and play behind two great quarterbacks in me and Kendal. I don't know where else he can do that."

Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated to see part two of the in depth interview with Bradley.

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