Bradley's Decision Becoming Tougher (Part 2)

Sooners Illustrated brings you part-two of the in depth interview with Archie Bradley, three-star QB commit. In this segment Bradley talks about the Elite 11 Quarterback camp he attended this year as well as his love for baseball and football. Check inside to see what he had to say.

Earlier this year Archie Bradley was invited to the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp that happens every year and brings in some of the most talented quarterbacks in the country. Bradley wasn't the only future Sooner quarterback to get invited as Kendal Thompson from Southmoore HS was also invited and attended as well.

This opportunity was a good chance for the future teammates to get to know each other.

"I figured when I got there that they would put us together," Bradley began. "And when I got there and found the rooming situation I was dead on and they put us together. I was kind of excited to see how it was and honestly we just gelled. We clicked together, there was no hostility, no ‘I committed first and you committed second' anything like that."

"We learned from each other. Kendal does a lot of things as far as running the ball and stuff that I can learn from. He said the same about me and we both just took some tips from each other and it was a real good experience."

Bradley performed well at the camp winning awards for ‘Most improved QB' as well as ‘Best vocal leader.' Bradley talked about the biggest thing he learned while attending the camp.

"The biggest thing I learned is recognizing defenses," Bradley stated. "We did tons of chalk talk. We'd do our workouts from nine to eleven and then we are in the chalk talk room for two hours just right after we worked out.

"We were just learning from those college guys about when you come to the line and you see a safety lined up over the backer so that backer is obviously going to come. And how teams like to disguise coverages and how you can get your team in the right play based off what the defenses are doing."

After winning a national championship of his own while at Oklahoma back in 2000, Oklahoma quarterbacks Coach Josh Heupel has continued his success on the Sooner sideline as well as on the recruiting front. Bradley discussed how his relationship has been going with his future position coach.

"So far it has been money," Bradley answered about his relationship with Coach Heupel. "He has done a great job working with the baseball coaches on how to set everything up. I have been calling him about once every week and I have been to every home game except to the Utah State one. And I have talked to him after every game and talked to him every time I have been there. It's been money so far."

The 6-foot-3 and 220-pound Bradley is a Major League talented pitcher who throws in the upper 90's and is predicted to be a top 10 pick in the upcoming MLB draft. Most believe that when he gets that big time contract offer as well as the big time money that it will be too hard to pass up. What 18-year old young man would want to turn that kind of opportunity down?

On the other hand after each and every visit he takes to Norman, Bradley says it's making his decision that much tougher.

"Honestly with every game I go to and every coach I talk to it makes that decision so much harder. The coolest thing, this happened when I went to the Florida State game," Bradley began.

"I went in the locker room and Coach Venables came up to me and was like ‘Archie, how you doing. I have heard a lot about you and seen you play and I just want to tell you from a defensive stand point, and we've talked about this amongst coaches, we want you here just as bad as the offense does. We'd love to have you throwing touchdowns and keep our defense off the field so we think it would be best if you came here'."

According to Bradley he doesn't really have a favorite between baseball and football it just depends on what sport is in season at the time.

"Honestly it's what season I am in. Right now it's football and besides watching the World Series that's the only baseball I am doing. I am full-fledged football and trying to do everything I can to win a state championship and vice versa in baseball, when its baseball season I'm doing whatever I can there. So whatever season it is and just roll with it."

Bradley took some time during the interview to say who his favorite players are from both baseball and football that he has followed growing up.

"My favorite baseball player who doesn't play anymore is Nolan Ryan for obvious reasons. And active player would probably be Roy Holliday. So I'm sticking with the pitchers. And then two quarterbacks you can't go wrong with in Peyton Manning and Brett Favre."

Now it's obvious Bradley has a big time arm but just how big is it exactly?

"I think in pads I threw a pass 68-yards I think it was, maybe a little further I don't know. And then this summer I hit 98 mph," Bradley said.

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