Smith Likes Many Things About OU

Sooners Illustrated continues to get a head start on the class of 2012 recruits. This time around we bring you an interview with 2012 DT prospect Anthony Smith out of Westfield HS in Houston, Texas. Smith talked recruiting along with how his season went this year.

Westfield High School puts out division one recruits every year it seems and with the 2012 class there should be no difference. Anthony Smith is another talented prospect who is a big, muscle bound bowling ball kind of defensive tackle. Smith does not hold an offer currently but is already drawing interest from some of the top colleges across the country like - Alabama, LSU, Arizona, Nebraska, Texas, TCU and Oklahoma.

Smith and his Westfield teammates saw their season end last week with a win over Dekaney High School but did not make it to the postseason. Even though his season ended before he would have liked Smith says he thinks he had a good year personally.

"Personally, I think the season went pretty well," Smith began. "I was moving around a little bit on the defensive line. I was playing defensive end and nose tackle. We (Team) are really in a rebuilding stage you know trying to find that you get in where you fit in. It could have been better. We beat ourselves in a couple of games and if we would have won, we would be in the playoffs. It was an all right year."

Standing at 6-foot tall and 275-pounds, Smith is not the tallest defensive tackle you will find. Not being over 6-foot tall can hurt a defensive tackle when it comes to the recruiting game. Smith on the other hand talked about why he thinks it helps him on the field.

"I think it helps me a lot," Smith stated about being of shorter stature. "Coach is always saying the lowest man always wins. If you are automatically lower than the other person is than it already gives you an advantage because if you are lower that makes you more explosive. And it gives you the explosive power to move the offensive lineman."

On the recruiting side of things, Smith mentioned two teams he liked growing up. Both teams just happen to be teams who have a tremendous track record for producing some of the best defensive tackles to ever play the game.

"I liked the Sooners a lot and I like the Hurricanes (Miami)," Smith stated.

Like many other recruits, Smith had a chance to attend the Schuman NUC Top 100 camp that was held in Norman earlier this year. While at the camp, Smith put on a dominant performance and also had the chance to check out Norman first hand.

"There is a lot I like about Oklahoma . I have been down there a couple of times. I went down there for the NUC (Schuman's) camp, the top prospect camp. I liked the facilities, the stadium and the indoor practice facility. I liked the environment; it is pretty nice down there in Norman ."

When it comes to seeing Norman , again in the future Smith had this to say.

"Whenever I can get a visit (to Norman ) I will take one."

Westfield has a talented defensive tackle tandem with Smith and 2011 five-star defensive tackle, Desmond Jackson, who is the number three defensive tackle in the country that is also committed to the University of Texas.

Smith talked about how the two feed off each other.

"I am learning quite a bit from Desmond," Smith explained. "He's like my big brother. I tell him stuff and he tells me stuff to work on. He is a technician kind of guy, you know he has his hands working all the time. He is a good player. I can say I learn from him, he learns from me, and we just feed off each other."

"He is pretty inspiring. It has been a little neighborhood rivalry since we were young. He went to school on the other side of the highway and I went over here. That is just how it was. He has been inspiring and makes me want to go to college and play ball and get my education."

In the weight room, Smith is definitely no slouch where he has already broken the school record for power clean.

"My squat is like 610-pounds," Smith said. "My bench is like 340-350 (pounds). My incline is like 320-pounds and my power clean is 340-pounds. I broke the record (power clean) at my school and I got Desmond ( Jackson ) beat by like 40-pounds."

On the year, Smith on the defensive side of the ball finished with five-sacks. Smith was also Westfield's goal line back where he scored eight-touchdowns on the year for his squad that finished the year 6-4.

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