Sooner Practice Report: Nov. 16

Defensive coordinator Brent Venables, wide receiver Ryan Broyles and running back DeMarco Murray met with the media after practice Tuesday.

And here's what they had to say.

"I think he's played well the last couple games he's gotten in. I think he played exceptionally well, didn't do anything Superman-like, but was just really consistent, understood the game plan and executed really well. So, if we get that from him and the other 11 guys [it'll be good.] You know, when we've not hurt ourselves this year, we've been really good. And when we've made some subtle mistakes or drastic mistakes, you know, the people we've played have been good enough to execute against us and hurt us, so having him in there gives us some consistency, yes." —Venables on if Austin Box can be a difference maker down the home stretch here

"I do. Tom's a really good player, and again both of them I feel very good about. I trust both of them, and I like what they both bring to the table." —Venables on if he likes rotation of Box and Tom Wort at MIKE

"I think they've got great balance running and throwing. They're one of the top five offenses in the country. They and Oklahoma State are the top two offenses in the Big 12. They're breaking every scoreboard every week, and they're just very, very productive and explosive, playing really, really well. They've got great chemistry as a team and certainly as an offense, and again, they play very, very hard from beginning to end." —Venables on his thoughts about Baylor's offense

"Yeah, I do. After I broke a lot of records last week, you know, I can't help but look at it. I'm going to go out there and play ball just like always." —Broyles on if he's aware of the other records he can break

"Yeah, when he did that, I was like, ‘He messed up.' And I ran down there and congratulated him, but, you know, it was all fun and games. He'll learn. The more he gets in the end zone, it won't be that dramatic. So, it was a great play by him, and I understand his reaction, but it was a little over the top, but I can't say anything negative about it." —Broyles on Kenny Stills' celebration penalty

"I've been at practice yesterday and today. You know, it was just a little bruise during the game, but I'll be ready for this weekend. I'm fine. You know, I mean, I haven't missed practice. I could have kept playing in the game, but we had it handled, and the offense did well, so I decided to come out."—Murray on his minor injury the other night

"It's been a fun year. You know, I've had fun every year I've been here besides last year. And then this year, you know, each year's a different team, different group of guys, so you can't expect the same outcome every year, but I've always had fun here. You know, that's my number one goal, have fun, play hard and win a bunch of games here, so that's what we've been about three out of the four years I've been here."—Murray on his thoughts on this year and the rest of his career at OU

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