Q&A: Right Tackle Eric Mensik

SI caught up with the senior to talk about last week's good performance and more, and here's the discussion.

On if struggling the week before helped motivate them for last week--"Oh yeah, definitely. The week before, we got stopped on the goal line three times, and we had that chip on our shoulder, and so that last week Coach Wilson emphasized, you know, staying low and just coming off and going hard, and that's what we did.

On if it was a much better performance technique-wise against Tech than A&M--"Oh definitely. We came off, you know, hands and feet and just went out there and played our kind of ball."

On the rotation and how it helped the other night--"Right, yeah. That rotation really helps. You know, [Jarvis Jones] comes in there, and he rotates with me and Donald [Stephenson]. Then two of your guys rotating, so having that rotation really benefits all of us because it keeps our legs fresh and we're able to perform pretty good.

On if that rotation made the difference--"Right, yeah. I mean, you know, it does help. It doesn't at least hurt. But it helps that we're out there and getting that rotation and giving us a breather and giving us a chance to kind of just relax and catch our breath because of our tempo and everything and how we do out there. It really does help us a lot.

On the new wrinkles on offense--"Yeah, it's always fun to throw something in there and to have a little fun with it, and for Coach Wilson to do that it makes us feel good because, you know, the week before we didn't do too good. And for him to kind of just put something more on us and have that mentality that we're able to do it really helps all of us."

On his thoughts about Baylor--They're good. They're big up front. They've got a good team, and, you know, they've had some tough losses, but they're good. They're very good on film. They're very good, very sound."

On going back on the road--"You know, we're just going to approach it like every other game and work. I think a lot of people put so much on it as a road game. We're just going to go out there and play, and that's kind of what our mind set is. It's just another game. We've got two games left. We've got two weeks left in the regular season, so we're just going to approach it like we do, you know, every game, just go out there and play hard."

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