OU vs. Baylor: Report Card

Sooners Illustrated provides this week's edition of grades below.

Silencing the road critics: A

Aside from an early pair of hiccups from quarterback Landry Jones, who mishandled a snap and threw an interception on the Sooners' first possession, OU was outstanding for the first time in a long while away from its own stadium. The Sooners showed no signs of the abysmal road team they've been lately, getting up by as many as 43 points.

Red zone efficiency: A

As bad as they were in their previous two outings away from home in the scoring zone turning the ball over and getting stuffed inside the one, the Sooners were that good Saturday night. OU converted all six of its trips inside the 20 into points, scoring three touchdowns and three field goals. The only negative to that was the inability to punch those three possessions in for touchdowns, but that's a marginal issue, considering how much they were leading by.

Quarterback Landry Jones' performance: A

The only blemishes were that opening possession mishandle and pick, but besides that, he played exceptionally well. He finished with 325 yards and three touchdowns on 26-for-39 passing and commanded the Sooner offense down the field on the Bears methodically the entire night.

Limiting the big play on defense: B-

The Bears torched the Sooners four times for more than 20 yards on a play, the longest of which was a 50-yard run by running back Jay Finley. Baylor also had a 38-yard touchdown. OU gave up 14 plays of 10 or more yards as part of Baylor's 361 yards of total offense.

Keeping the pedal to the metal: B

The Sooners didn't call off the dogs in this one early. That's for sure. Up 41-10 midway through the third quarter, Jones threw a deep ball to wide receiver Kenny Stills for a 49-yard touchdown. If anything, the Sooners were a little bit dangerous with how relentless they were in scoring by possibly keeping Jones in too long. He took a couple of hits in the third quarter that could have been avoided. But OU did give up a couple of touchdowns in the fourth quarter, so they again didn't finish in the fourth, which prevents them from the A-line here.

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