Scouting Jonathan Aldridge

CORSICANA, Texas -- Sooners Illustarted has a scouting report on 2012 wide receiver target Jonathan Aldridge from Whitehouse High. We traveled down to watch him in person and he showed some flashes of serious talent.

Profile: Jonathan Aldridge

High School: Whitehouse (Texas)
Class: 2011
Position: WR
Jersey: #1
Size: 5'11/170

Stat Line: Aldridge had a sluggish start in the first half but finally righted the ship in the second half finishing with 13-catches for 121-yards. Aldridge also had a touchdown called back in the game.

Strengths: Aldridge's number one asset is his speed. He goes from a dead stop to full speed in the blink of an eye. Aldridge has a nice long stride and covers a lot of ground when he turns on the jets, almost looks like he is gliding. He ran good routes and got his head around quickly when coming out of his cuts. Aldridge displayed good vision in the open field and was tough to bring down with just one tackler. He made the tough catches look easy.

Weaknesses: Aldridge sometimes seemed to fight the ball when making the easy catch. He dropped a couple of balls on screen plays that were down the line. He needs to work on his hand placement and staying focused when catching the easy throws. Aldridge will also need to put on some weight as he looks to be about 5-foot-11 and 175-pounds or so. Like Metoyer, Aldridge needs to work on ball security after the catch.

Highlight play: Whitehouse ran the down the line wide receiver screen to Aldridge all game long and weren't able to get much out of it most of the time. This time around it turned out to be a big play. Aldridge made the catch and stayed patient waiting for a lane to blow through. While waiting for a lane Aldridge stopped his feet parallel to each other for a split second freezing the defenders before turning on the jets exploding through the hole. He blew by defenders with ease and turned the play into about a 25-yard gain.

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