Metoyer Shines In Corsicana

CORSICANA, Texas -- Saturday afternoon Sooners Illustrated headed out to see 2011 OU commitment Trey Metoyer, five-star and number one wide receiver in the country out of Whitehouse HS. Metoyer and his Wildcat teammates took on the Mesquite Poteet Pirates in the second round of the 4A-D2 state playoffs. Check out the breakdown!

Arriving at the stadium Saturday before kickoff you could see that there may be problems for Metoyer and his teammates. There was a strong wind all day long in Corsicana and it definitely had a hand in how this game played out.

There were multiple times in this game where Hunter Taylor, Whitehouse's quarterback would throw it up for Metoyer down the sidelines like he has all year and he usually makes the play, however in this game the wind almost always carried the ball out of bounds. Twice this happened with Metoyer in single coverage in the end zone on one drive that ended in Whitehouse turning the ball over on downs.

The game was close all the way down to the wire but in the end Whitehouse turning the ball over three times on key drives along with multiple penalties were the key factors in their 24-19 loss to the Pirates. In the loss Metoyer and his teammate, Jonathan Aldridge, 2012 wide receiver prospect were able to display their talents in a big way even though Metoyer was often double and sometimes triple teamed.

Trey Metoyer (2011 wide receiver, Whitehouse HS) Oklahoma commitment

Stat Line: Metoyer showed in this game why he is a five-star and listed as the number one receiver in the country with 15-catches for 132-yards and two-touchdowns.

Strengths: At 6-foot-2 and 185-pounds, Metoyer has a nice frame to build on for the next level. He has freakish hands and never fought the ball. He did a good job of looking the ball into his hands and catching the ball away from his body even in traffic. Metoyer did not catch the ball with his body unless he needed too. Metoyer is big and strong and did a good job fighting through the jams at the line of scrimmage with his hands. He is quick out of his cuts and runs good routes. Metoyer has good open field ability after making the catch and can turn a play from nothing into a big play with his vision, moves, strength and quickness. He never goes down on first contact and fights through tackles sometimes taking three or four defenders to get him to the ground. Metoyer also displayed great field awareness.

Metoyer's ability to elevate on fade routes combined with his long arms and enormous hands is almost not fair for the defender. He just will not be denied on jump balls. He also has great body control while in the air. Metoyer also has no fear when going across the middle on drag and slant routes. He is a tough receiver displaying this when he got hit in the mouth by the safety on a post route where it took him a little bit to get off the turf but popped right up and didn't need medical attention. Metoyer also seemed to have injured his left leg somehow in the first half but played the entire second half with a little bit of a limp.

Every time Metoyer touched the ball you could tell he was thinking touchdown.

Weaknesses: There aren't many weaknesses when it comes to Metoyer's game but one of them is his top end speed, he just doesn't seem to have that extra gear. Metoyer allowed his assignment to make the tackle in the run game a couple of times. He also needs to keep the ball in tighter when running after the catch.

Highlight Play: Each time Whitehouse made it into the Pirates red zone they almost always looked for Metoyer to get in the end zone. On first and goal from the four-yard line, Metoyer lined up wide to the left. The Quarterback took one step back and threw up a nice ball on a fade route. Metoyer took a couple of steps in the end zone, waited for the ball and jumped at the right time when the ball was at its peak. He adjusted to the ball nicely and made the catch. As he caught the ball over the defender he was spinning toward the sideline but still had the mind set to touch his foot in bounds for the touchdown while the defender was shoving him out of bounds. Like mentioned before, the defender didn't have a chance.

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