Boehm Talks Oklahoma and State Win

Oklahoma has its eye on a talented crop of offensive lineman across the country for the 2012 class. One of those prospects is Evan Boehm, an offensive guard and center prospect out of Lee's Summit West HS out of Lee's Summit (MO). Check inside to see what the big man had to say.

Winning the state championship is a dream or a goal that most high school football players just don't accomplish or get to experience. For Evan Boehm and his Summit West teammates, well they are just a few of the lucky ones that do get to experience it as they finished the year 14-1 and defeated Webster Groves 44-21 back on November 26th to win the class five Missouri state championship.

"Oh my gosh," Boehm began. "The state championship was nuts. We go in there and are facing the number 21 team in the nation by the USA Today newspaper. We don't know what to expect because we have never seen them and they have never seen us. We watched film with our coaches and find their holes and we just took advantage of their holes. And it worked out to our advantage."

The 6-foot-3.5 and 290-pound Boehm plays left tackle for his squad. And by the end of the season Boehm felt he was playing his best football.

"I think everything at the end of the season started clicking for me. My footwork was there, my hands were there and my balance was there. I just try to get more aggressive each time I play and just try to be the best player that I can possibly be."

At this moment in time Boehm claims eight impressive offers and is getting mail from quite a few different schools so far.

"I got the eight offers from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas State, Kansas, Northwestern and Wisconsin," Boehm stated. "Those are the eight that's offered me so far. I am just getting a lot of letters from different schools."

Growing up Boehm had a couple of schools that he paid attention to but was just a fan of watching college football in general.

"I grew up in a Missouri house hold but I also watched Nebraska all the time. I actually grew up watching college football and loved every second of it."

Earlier this season Boehm had a chance to make it out to see the Sooners take on the Iowa State Cyclones. His dad had already seen the campus so Boehm wanted to take his mom and little brother to see what the university had to offer as well.

"My mom and brother hadn't really got to see the campus or anything at Oklahoma," Boehm explained. "At camp it was just me and my dad. My mom and little brother got to go with us this time and coach Patton and coach Stoops and coach Wilson; they all gave us a tour around. And we got to sit down and talk with Coach Stoops."

"We got to tour the facilities and do the pre-game stuff with them and that was a great experience. After that we went back to the hotel and woke back up and drove around the campus for a little bit. And just looked at everything they had to offer. It was a great experience."

Oklahoma offensive line coach James Patton has done his job getting lineman to the NFL. That along with his knowledge for the game has stood out to Boehm so far.

"He is a great coach," Boehm stated about Coach Patton. "When we sat down and talked to him you could tell he knows what he is talking about and everything like that. He's gotten kids to the NFL and that's what I look for. He gets down to the wire like when he needs to. I think he knows what he is talking about and I can see why he has put so many people in the NFL because of what he talks about."

So far Boehm does not claim a leader and is just keeping his options open for whoever wants to take a look at the big man.

"I still got a while to go so I am still keeping my eyes open and looking for anything new that pops in the door. Just taking advantage of everything that I have to offer and showing all the colleges what I've got." Boehm said.

Boehm talked about the factors that will weigh on his decision when he makes his college choice.

"At first I am going to look at the coaching staff and everything. And like the players and how much they look for and like a family. That's one thing that clicks at my school is we don't play as individuals, we play as a family. And that's real big for me is playing together as one team and not me, me, me, me, me."

"That's going to be real big for me is like who can I go to, where can I go and be a part of a family and not a bunch of individuals. And education is one of the most important things too. And then we start getting into the facilities, the fan base and how easy it is for my parents and my brother to come and watch me play football."

The chance to graduate early and get on campus at mid semester is not an option for Boehm due to his school district's requirements.

"Our school district is really weird," Boehm explained. "We have to have four years of English. And they won't let us go without it. So no matter if I have good grades or anything like that they will not let anybody leave at semester to go play."

As a youngster watching the big boys on Sunday's Boehm had one particular offensive lineman he always tried to pay attention too.

"I would say William Roaf," Boehm said. "He was a great offensive lineman and I tried to keep my eyes on him as good as I could."

Midlands Recruiting Manager Greg Powers contributed to this report.

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