Expect UConn to Throw the Kitchen Sink at OU

NORMAN, Okla. – The Connecticut Huskies have nothing to lose, other than a game, and everything to gain after winning the Big East title and earning a trip to the Fiesta Bowl to take on the Sooners.

Connecticut is expected to lose by double digits – it is a 17-point underdog with about three weeks until game day – and its appearance in Glendale, Ariz., is seen by some as a joke.

So, don't be surprised if the Huskies come out and play with reckless abandon.

After all, the Fiesta Bowl is their final game of the year, and what's the worst that happens if they pull any and every trick they have at their disposal? They end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard in a game they were supposed to lose?

Throwing the kitchen sink at the Sooners on January 1 not only isn't too big of a risk but could also make sense. And OU players would not be shocked if Connecticut comes out throwing the kitchen sink and more at them.

"They're going to come at us with everything," said senior defensive lineman Pryce Macon, who recorded a career-high three sacks against Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game. "It's a BCS bowl game and they want to win just like we do."

If the Huskies decide to do that, then it would not be the first time the Sooners' defense has had to play a team who has taken that approach. OU just needs to look back at the first game of the season to find the last time a "severely overmatched" team played aggressively and almost pulled off the upset.

The Sooners were favored by more than 30 points against Utah State in Norman in September, but only a touchdown separated the two teams from going into overtime. The Aggies threw the kitchen sink at OU on just about every play, and the Sooners did not have much of an answer for the offensive and defensive onslaught for most of the second and third quarters.

OU came away from that game with more than a victory and a first step toward its first Fiesta Bowl since 2007. The players learned they could not win many games if they took a single opponent for granted, and that lesson could not be emphasized more now than at any point of this season.

If the Sooners do not want to be embarrassed on a national stage in Arizona again, they'll need to take Connecticut seriously and do a little kitchen throwing of their own.

"It's a bowl game; the last game of the year," said senior defensive back Jonathan Nelson. "Hopefully, we can just try to counter it in whichever way possible and hopefully we try to throw some kind of kitchen sink at them."

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