Players Discuss Wilson's Departure

For the first time since Kevin Wilson was officially hired as the Indiana Hoosiers' head coach, OU players on both sides of the ball spoke out about it to the media Friday evening, and the general consensus: excitement and good wishes for the former Sooner offensive coordinator.

"I mean, we're all excited," said wide receiver Cameron Kenney. "We're excited for Coach Wilson. He's a great coach, and I mean that's all pretty much we can say. We're just excited for him."

Running back DeMarco Murray expanded on that, adding a personal touch to it.

"Yeah, I mean, we've always had a good relationship," Murray said. "I've always respected him as a coach and as a person. He's a great coach, and he's done a lot for this program, so, I mean, he deserves that job there, and we wish him the best of luck.

"There's no hard feelings, you know, from this way at all. I know he wishes he was still here, you know, getting to coach the bowl game, but, I mean, you have to do what you have to do, and he's a great coach right up there, he deserves it, and I wish him the best of luck."

Defensive end Jeremy Beal even got in on the action.

"Coach Wilson's in a better place now," Beal said. "You know, I mean, he got promoted to a head coach, and we're happy for him."

As for how it's affected the team, Murray said it's just been different.

"Yeah, it is weird not having him around and hearing his voice and just hearing him, you know, talk to the offense at the end of practice," Murray said. "But like I said, he's moving on to some better things for him and his family, which we'll respect, but it is pretty weird not having him out there."

Right tackle Eric Mensik said the coaches are all coming together in Wilson's absence.

"I mean, all the coaches are doing their part everywhere," Mensik said. "You know, there's no one coach that's stepped up where they're all just kind of continuing on what Coach Wilson was doing here."

Mensik wouldn't comment on if there's been word of who will take on the responsibilities, though it's not necessarily certain that he and the rest of the team know yet, and his thoughts on it.

"I mean, that's not for me to say," Mensik said. "That's for him to decide. That's not my point, my part in any way. So, I can't say anything. That's not my [job]. That's Coach Stoops and everything."

But one thing's for sure: Players suggest the offense has still looked good, at least in practice, since Wilson left early in the week.

"No, I mean, I don't see any [change]," Kenney said. "I mean, whatever happens, Oklahoma's going to do the best thing for Oklahoma, and they always have been great with coaches, and, I mean, Coach Stoops is going to take care of it."

So, there it is.

The players have now voiced their opinions publicly.

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