RECRUITING: Interview with Rhett Bomar

A transcript of James Hale's interview with Rhett and Jerry Bomar Wednesday on WKY Radio

Perhaps the top quarterback in the nation is Grand Prairie's (Texas), Rhett Bomar. Bomar has unusual size, speed and talent and still has not yet played in senior season.  How good is he? Oklahoma offered Rhett before his junior season!

Is he a drop back, run-pass or option QB? He literally has the talent to excel in any of the three categories, and could be listed as the nation's best in all three. But make no mistake about it, his arm strength and speed rule out the option game and leaves college coaches in awe. 

Lately there have been rumors that Rhett has narrowed his choices down to two or three schools. Texas and Oklahoma are the two most often mentioned, but Florida State is also thought to be a prominent contender.

Last weekend Bomar visited Austin and the University of  Texas ' spring finale. Opinions differ about the impact that visit made on Bomar. Some internet servies were reporting that Bomar was not swayed by his visit, while others argued that he almost committed to the 'Horns. (OU Insider has continually disputed any reports that say that Texas is no longer in the race).

OU Insider's James Hale wanted to lay the rumors to rest and went straight to the source Wednesday as he had both Rhett and his father (Jerry Bomar), who also is his high school coach, on his WKY (930 AM) afternoon radio show.

(Note: We have edited the following text to keep the most relevant material).

James Hale: You're having a great baseball season hitting 600 at the present...

Rhett Bomar: Yes, I guess it's going pretty good.

JH: Well hitting 600 is far better than 'pretty good' Rhett, can you get a little more excited about?

RB: I guess you're right, (laughs) - I'm having a really good year James!

JH: We hear a lot of things and begin to read your name in Baseball America. How big a deal is baseball, will it figure into your decision?

RB: Not really. My goal is to play quarterback at the collegiate level.

JH: Let's talk college recruiting. Is there a possibility you'll decide something in the next few weeks?

RB: Probably not. It'll likely be a little while before I can reach a decision.

JH: Who's it down to, do you have a list of two or three favorites?

RB: I have a few more than two or three. I like Texas, Oklahoma, Florida State, Notre Dame and Georgia.

JH: You just returned from Texas where you watched their spring game, what were your impressions?

RB: I liked it. It was a good trip. Austin is a great town, I like the facilities there, it's a great program.

JH: You'll be coming up to OU for their spring game in a few weeks. What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

RB: I've been up there several times. It's a great game atmosphere. I like the fans, the tradition. Norman's smaller than Austin, it's different. It's a college town - not a big city.

JH: Which do you prefer, the college town or a larger city?

RB: It doesn't really matter. I could be comfortable at either place. Each one has their advantages.

JH: What will be the key factors in your final choice?

RB: A good solid football program where I lke the coaches. Great academics. But all the schools I'm considering have very good academics so they probably cancel out. Football wise, winning championships, television appearances. A formation that I can run and throw out of.

JH: Are all the schools about even there?

RB: Yeah, they all have offenses that I can throw out of, so I'm comfortable there.

JH: Don't you get back in the shotgun about 75-80 percent of the time?

RB: Yes, I like the 'gun. I'm very comfortable in it and have learned to work out of it better. I'm probably more comfortable in it than under center.

JH: Is there any team that you grew up a fan of?

RB: Not really - maybe Florida State when I was little. But they were winning then and a lot of kids my age followed them.

JH: You have the unusual situation where your dad is also the head coach. Is that weird. I mean, when you come home is he dad or coach?

RB: At practice he's always 'coach'. That would really be strange to call him 'dad.' But when we come home we generally set football aside and he's a regular dad.

JH: How's the outlook for the Grand Prairie football team next year? Do you have a chance?

RB: Yes, we have a chance. We'll be better. This year our offense could score but the defense couldn't stop anyone. Next year we'll have a much better defense.

(Coach Jerry Bomar now takes the phone).

JH: Well coach, what's it like to have the nations top quarterback in the house? Is it football 24/7?

CB: No, not really. When you're ranked fifth in your class (academically) out of 576 there's a lot of work and study that goes on.

JH: What makes Rhett special coach?

CB: He's probably the fiercest competitor that I've ever been around. He has great size — 6-4, (he's grown an inch since the season ended). He's up to 205. He can bench 300, squat 450. Great talent and he can flat out run. I guess you just have to say he's 'gifted'.

JH: So where do you want Rhett to go to school, any preference?

CB: Absolutely. Hawaii!

JH: Wow, that's some scoop!

CB: (laughing) Yeah, next I'll have June James down here knocking on the front door. They've already arranged for me to have a hut on the beach! But seriously, we're very thankful for the opportunity. We realize that this is a 'one in a million' deal and were very appreciative. We've been lucky and healthy so far.

JH: What is his greatest attribute?

CB: I'll say this - Rhett is so focused. I know, everyone says that about all the great talents. But it's not true. I've been around plenty that were not focused. I have no doubt that he'll chose his school and show up 100 percent ready to play and win.

JH: Are you tiring of the recruiting process?

CB: No, not yet. I'm really the 'loophole' in the process. Right now colleges can't call kids or families, but thye can call the head coach. So I get calls either way. But it's been fun, it's also a real privilege. And we realize that. We are not going to mess this up. We will not lead coaches on and try to play games. We will be straight up and do everything in a first class manner.

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