Belcher Loves Oklahoma

Sooners Illustrated was able to catch up with 2012 OT prospect, Blake Belcher out of Guthrie HS in Guthrie (OK). Belcher has been to Norman a couple times this year already but was invited to the junior day last Saturday and made it in even with a broken foot. Check inside to see what the big man had to say about the visit.

Since 1999 when Coach Bob Stoops became Oklahoma's head coach he has had some talented offensive lineman suit up for him on Saturdays. Some of the best lineman that suited up for Stoops have come from within the Oklahoma state lines like Jammal Brown, Frank Romero and Wes Sims. Looking at the 2012 class it appears another talented offensive line prospect from Oklahoma is standing out by the name of Blake Belcher.

The 6-foot-6 and 270-pound offensive tackle from Guthrie (OK) was invited to the Sooners first junior day and was able to attend.

"We walked in the Barry Switzer Center and I've seen that a couple of times, it's really cool. They got all their All-Americans and Heisman Trophy winners and championships and stuff. And then we were talking to the coaches and walking around. We went to go watch their practice and I got to hang out with the offensive lineman. After practice we went to eat lunch. That was pretty cool; I sat with the o-line and Coach Patton and talked to Coach Stoops for a little bit."

"After lunch we toured all their facilities and weight rooms and everything. We went back and got to look at their locker rooms and that whole building. Then we watched their team film and then Coach Patton told us about their blocking schemes. I talked to Coach Stoops and Coach Patton one on one for about 20-minutes."

When Belcher arrived in Norman he and the Sooners head man had a conversation about an injury that he has that kept him from being able to play in the playoffs for his squad. The injury actually helped Belcher receive some quality attention from Coach Stoops.

"I have a broken foot right now," Belcher began. "Whenever I got there me and Coach Stoops talked for a little bit and I told him the story on my foot. He went and got a golf cart for me to drive around on it. He told me everything about OU pretty much, just all their history there. And then Coach Patton came in and talked about the size he likes his lineman and their blocking scheme. We talked about their blocking scheme for a long time and some of the plays they run. And like where he recruits and stuff. It was (for) quite a while."

The injury to Belcher's foot actually took place on the hardwood and not on the gridiron. The story on the injury actually speaks to the athleticism Belcher possesses.

"Week nine (of Guthrie's season) I was messing around in the gym and I was dunking and I landed on my foot wrong. There is a tiny fracture but it kept me out for the playoffs. My coach wasn't too happy about that. One of my friends bet me that I couldn't dunk it so I had to prove him wrong," Belcher explained.

Watching offensive line Coach James Patton in practice helped Belcher get a feel for what kind of coach he really is.

"Yea he's real, just from watching him coach in practice if someone did something wrong he wouldn't move on to the next person or next drill without them knowing the right way to do things. He's a really good coach."

Belcher talked about the situation with Oklahoma and how many offensive lineman they may take in the 2012 class.

"He's narrowed it down," Belchers said about Coach Patton. "He is probably going to get three or four lineman in my class but that's about it. They didn't say anything about an offer or anything."

So far Oklahoma's definitely made an impression on Belcher.

"I love it," Belcher said about Oklahoma. "They got really nice facilities and everything is real nice. Just the tradition and the feel of the campus and environment there you know they are a real special program with football. I mean you just walk into the Barry Switzer Center and you look up and see all their All-Americans, Heisman Trophy winners, and National Championships."

Earlier this year Belcher was able to attend the Florida State and Iowa State games here in Norman. Belcher talked about getting to see the players get "crunk" in the locker room after their two decisive victories.

"They were really fun," Belcher stated. "They were both blowouts. I mean they stepped it up so that was pretty cool. We got to go into the locker room after the game. It was really neat they were getting all crunk and stuff and rapping and everything. It was really cool."

As of right now Belcher really likes three schools in particular but says he has not begun to narrow it down yet.

"I haven't narrowed it down at all," Belcher said. "I really like the in-state schools so far, OU and OSU, they've been really impressive and Oregon State. They have been talking to me a lot. I haven't narrowed it down at all."

Belcher states he is almost done with his junior highlight film and hopes to get back up to Norman soon. Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated for more updates on Belcher.

Greg Powers ( Midlands Recruiting Manager) on Belcher: "A talented lineman who helped clear lanes on one of the strongest teams in 5A football. He is a road grader who has put on some ideal size over the past year and has gotten his body right in the weight room. He will definitely land at a BCS school."

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