Three Reasons OU Won't Slip Up Against UConn

In many regards, this Fiesta Bowl contest between the Sooners and Huskies has much of the same makings as a couple previous BCS games for OU in the desert, but in this first of a two-part series, Sooners Illustrated explains why fans shouldn't be worried about OU losing this one.

Why OU won't lose:

1. Motivation of previous struggles—Ask anyone affiliated with the program, and they'll tell you the same thing. They are tired of hearing about not being able to win a BCS game. The Sooners have lost five straight (2004 Sugar Bowl, 2005 Orange Bowl, 2007 Fiesta Bowl, 2008 Fiesta Bowl, 2009 Orange Bowl)—three of those were national championship appearances—and they're ready to snap that streak. Enough is enough, and it appears that way, at least from hearing what members of the team have been saying. This motivation from recent history is one reason to believe they'll get over the BCS bug of late.

2. Momentum in recent weeks—Let's face it. It's pretty obvious ever since the Texas A&M game that OU has simply been a different team, especially away from home. The loss in College Station could have went one of two ways. Either it could have shut down the Sooners' season and sent them into a tailspin or motivated them to step on the gas and not slip up again. That loss worked towards the latter. OU blasted Texas Tech at home the next week, then reeled off victories at Baylor and Oklahoma State before capping off the final Big 12 Championship game with a win over Nebraska. The Sooners have been solid on both sides of the ball in all four of those outings, and that's something that should carry over into their bowl game.

3. Inferior opponent—No disrespect to UConn by any means. The Huskies did win their league, but OU is a legitimate Top 10 team, and the Huskies are a fringe Top 25 team, ranked only in the Associated Press poll, which does not count towards the BCS formula. The Sooners are a 17-point favorite, and there's a reason for that. They are the better team, and barring a complete breakdown, should win this game. OU won't necessarily cover the spread, but it shouldn't have much problem coming out on top given the fact that UConn is just simply not as talented.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series, which explains why OU may, indeed, have trouble winning in Glendale, Ariz.

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