Weekly Football Quotables

Sooners Illustrated provides some of the most notables quotes from this week, as OU is only 15 days from its Fiesta Bowl matchup against the Connecticut Huskies.

"Put the Big 12 Championship to rest. People are done patting us on the back and talking about that game. The next three weeks, people are going to be talking about, you know, Oklahoma being the butt end of the BCS games, and they're going to make fun of us until we do something about it, so our guys ought to take issue with that. They ought to be mad, embarrassed and, you know, willing to fight like heck and invest in this, again, one game season so that, again, we show up and play like we're capable of playing and represent this university well."—Defensive coordinator Brent Venables on the motivating factors of this BCS game against UConn

"You know, to be truthful, I haven't started watching tape yet. I've been focusing on school, trying to get done with finals and graduate Friday, so, I mean, I'm trying to graduate, but here in the next couple days I'll take a look at them, and I'm sure when you win your last four or five games, surely they'll be a good team, a great team actually and we're going to have our hands full." —Defensive end Jeremy Beal on his thoughts of UConn so far

"I mean, I feel the intensity is there a little bit more than they have been, just usually, I mean, I know our first day back there was a lot of contact. I've never seen that from the bowl games that I've been here. Last year was a tough year for us, but, you know, these practices have been a little bit more intense and a little bit more physical than they have been in the past." —Running back DeMarco Murray on the intensity level in practice

"Oh yeah, we're all happy for him to be getting that job at Indiana, but yeah, for him to finish out the season after what we've [accomplished], getting another chance at the BCS, winning a BCS bowl is a great deal for him." —Slot receiver Ryan Broyles on what he thinks about Kevin Wilson staying around for the bowl game

"Well yeah, there's pressure, but there's great opportunity, too, and I think that's the way I look at it. You know, I've sat in the quarterback chair in this program, and I'm not sure that there's any less pressure on that individual as well. So, the biggest thing is you just put your nose to the grindstone and work hard every single day. You try to put your kids in the best position possible, and you let your chips fall where they may." —Co-offensive coordinator Josh Heupel on his promotion and the pressure it adds

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