Three Reasons OU Could Slip Up Against UConn

Previously, SI provided the three reasons why the Sooners won't stub their toe against UConn, but here now are the three things that suggest it could happen.

Why OU could lose:

1. No big name opponent to get up for—When looking at the previous trips to the desert, there's one common denominator. The Sooners have faced teams that aren't big name programs. Boise State was a rising power, and West Virginia was a very respected team, but they weren't Notre Dame, Florida, USC, etc. It seems that this may be OU's problem in Arizona, playing foes they have trouble getting psyched about competing against.

2. Month layover—No matter the situation, a month of practice and absence from a live game always levels the playing field. And that's just what the UConn Huskies need if they're to be in this one. Practicing and watching film for a month will allow the Huskies to get valuable preparation time, and OU will undoubtedly have that same time, but it won't be quite as valuable. The inferior team can also gain confidence in that month from internal and external motivation surrounding the program. People telling UConn it doesn't have a chance, along with coaches inspiring the squad to beat the odds, and getting this crucial preparation time could really work against OU.

3. The curse—Is it a hex the Sooners have been hit by? It's like the BCS gods have cast a spell on them not to win a BCS bowl game. Even slot receiver Ryan Broyles addressed the issue saying, "If we're cursed, then we're cursed, but I feel like curses are meant to be broken." If OU is cursed, it could happen again.

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