Stoops: 'I Like Everything About it Here'

Rumors swirled again this bowl season about head coach Bob Stoops moving onto another job—this time it was the opening at Florida—and like last year's Notre Dame rumors and the rest of them in years past, Stoops again elected to stay in Norman as the head coach of the Sooners.

It begs the question just what does he like so much around here besides his paycheck and the other obvious things?

"I like everything about it here," Stoops said. "You know, first and foremost, the community, the area, all of that."

A little more specific, please?

"Well, not the wind," Stoops joked, before going into more detail. "But hey, I'm just a regular guy like everybody. I like just the community, the people are down to earth and approachable and friendly, you know, so my family enjoys that, and I guess whatever anybody else enjoys about being in a good community. You know, it's a great place to live."

However, there's another very important factor.

"But I would say maybe tied with first and foremost that is our president and athletic director," Stoops said. "I think too much of the time people [ignore that], when they talk about what opportunities you have to work with great people and, you know, President David Boren, you know, his track record is pretty incredible, and his leadership of the university and strength in helping build our program has been, you know, great too.

"So, that's a big issue with head coaches, and again, same with athletic director Joe [Castiglione]. There's not a better guy, you know, in the country, that works harder and that again, always is, and they always have a vision to help you build and build and continue to improve your program because it doesn't happen with just me."

That foundation created by Boren and Castiglione cannot be ignored.

"You know, there's a lot of hands that go into helping us achieve and pursue success," Stoops said. "And I feel I have two of the best leaders in the country to help me do that and that I enjoy and genuinely like working with. And that's again, a big factor, I think, more than any with, you know, at this position along with enjoying the community. That's obviously another factor, but your working environment is the biggest factor."

So, Stoops really likes the community, his supporting cast and has turned down several jobs in the past, the latest of which was this opportunity to move on to Gainesville, Fla.

It sounds like a coach that could stay here forever until he retires.

But that's not something Stoops would fully commit to, not just yet, anyway.

"I'm way too young for that," Stoops said. "So, I don't know what will happen. You guys know that. I've got no idea from one year to the next when it's time or when you feel. You know what, every now and then things change. Things can change and it may be time to move on and to do something different, and I'm young enough that that could happen sometime."

As it is, at least he's content in Norman right now.

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