FOX Sports Names OU Insider

OU Insider has been named the primary provider of University of Oklahoma sports information to it was announced Friday by Jim Heckman, CEO of The Network and Brian Bishop, Publisher of OU Insider.

"This is a bold strategic deal that will enhance all of our college sites and ultimately benefit their fans," Heckman said. "Our reach obviously is vastly improved by this alliance."

As part of the agreement, OU fans watching FOX television will be directed to OU Insider via, in addition to the seven million monthly sports fans who visit their favorite team pages at

Because an ever growing number of Americans are using the internet as their primary source of news, in addition to broadcast capabilities that transcend signal designations, borders and oceans, many traditional news outlets are seeking successful content based internet sites as news gathering partners.  

"The appetite of consumers for news has become ‘real-time.' They are increasingly reluctant to wait for deadlines and newscasts.  Oklahoma is traditionally at the top of the ‘high profile schools' in the NCAA sports that attract the majority of fans. And, in addition to being the most reliable source for OU sports news, OU Insider is one of most important sites in the Insiders Network, with daily traffic averaging over 100,000 visitors. OU Insider, along with several other key sites, was a very attractive inducement in this affiliation." Heckman added.  

"This is another huge step in fulfilling our mission of disseminating reliable information on University of Oklahoma Sports.  Fox Sports will tolerate nothing less than accurate information, factual content and strict adherence to copyright laws. We appreciate their recognition of our efforts," Bishop said Friday afternoon.  

"Our stated goal when we launched OU Insider was to be an asset to the University and its athletic programs through the distribution of facts and the elimination of rumors. Many people told us at the time that the internet was different. That we simply would not survive without a dose of tabloid journalism. We rejected that argument and our numbers have proven that most people want facts not fiction," Bishop added.

"This affiliation, along with our two others, would not have happened without the hard work of OU Insider editor Joe Wallace, lead reporter James Hale, and our staff in Oklahoma and Texas. We also recognize that the cooperation of OU SID Kenny Mossman and his staff has been instrumental in our success," Bishop also said.

The new FOX alliance is the third major media strategic alliance announced by The first were with Yahoo Sports and CNN/



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