Seniors Are Set on Snapping Streak

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Ask almost everyone associated with the Sooner program, and they'll say that the Bowl Championship Series struggles in recent years have no affect on Saturday's Fiesta Bowl matchup against the Connecticut Huskies.

But make no mistake about it.

The recent struggles aren't going unnoticed, for the seniors, especially.

They've lost two, even three BCS games, depending on who you talk to.

So, anchoring the team to victory in this one would not only send them out winners, but they would also have the honors of being the class that snapped a five-game BCS skid for OU in their final season.

"Oh, definitely, you know, I'd be lying if I said that we weren't thinking about how, you know, the last few BCS bowls went," said strong safety Jonathan Nelson. "So, I mean, for the seniors and everything, it would be great to go out with a big win and to, you know, kind of end that stigma of losing so many BCS bowls in a row, seeing as how we've had great teams in the BCS games, and, you know, we've had great game plans and we just didn't show up on Saturday, so hopefully we can change that come this Saturday."

Running back DeMarco Murray seconded that.

"Great, it would be great," Murray said. "You know, just losing three BCS games since I've been here. You know, it was tough at the end of the day, and we know how important it is and how great it would feel to take that picture, you know, at the end of the game on that field, so it would definitely mean a lot to me as well as our teammates to, you know, snap the streak of the BCS losing streak."

Free safety Quinton Carter described how it would be in another couple of words.

"Man it'd be sweet," Carter said. [We] haven't won a BCS game since I've been here. You know, some really ugly disappointing losses we've had in the BCS games. You know, just to finish this season off--we've been working really hard to finish off with a win. It would be wonderful."

This group has been a part of 42 victories and three Big 12 Championships in the past four seasons, but it has still yet to do one thing, something OU as a program won't have done in seven years to the day this Saturday: win a BCS game.

"It would be great to end it," said defensive tackle Pryce Macon. "Personally, you know, going out with a win would just be great as a senior, you know, anyways, so I'd really like to get this win."

And so would the rest of the team and those affiliated with the program.

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