Jackson Shines In NUC Gridiron Classic

Kameel Jackson took part in the NUC All-World Gridiron Classic this past weekend in Charleston (SC) and put on a great performance. Check inside to see what the long time Oklahoma commitment had to say about his experience in the all-star game.

The Oklahoma Sooners are well represented in multiple high school all-star games across the country for the 2011 class. Five commits will be playing in the Under Armour All-American game while two others will be playing in the Army All-American game. Another commitment, Kameel Jackson took place in the NUC All-World Gridiron Classic this past weekend and put on a great performance finishing with a game high seven-catches for 163-yards.

"I enjoyed playing in it," Jackson said. "I was real nervous at first I guess just because I've never went up against 11-division one players at one time. That was real good for me and a good experience. I didn't know that there was going to be that much talent in the game but once I found out there was I got even more excited. . The whole week in Charleston (South Carolina) was just cool. I did like a lot of networking with some players and met a lot of good people."

Jackson was on Team NUC and had the chance to play with a Texas high school legend in Johnny Manziel, who is committed to Texas A&M.

"Yea, Johnny Cash," Jackson began. "That has to be like by far the best quarterback that I've played with. It's crazy, like I didn't know that he was that good. I had went to a combine with him like probably our sophomore year and his throwing was good but it is like so much better. I didn't know that he won Texas player of the year. He had over 75- touchdowns on the season. That's just crazy. It was real good being on the same team, me and him hooked up a lot. I would love if he would come to OU and play, for real."

One of the most important things for players when they are given the chance to participate in an all-star game is the chance to learn more, which they can then turn around and use when moving on to the next level like Jackson explained.

"Really, just when it comes down to like a better team or like the next level you really got to be more accurate with little step that you take. You've got to be that much faster with it. Every little detail counts like if you raise up to fast the db's (defensive backs) they are going to come crashing in real fast. Like the caliber players on my team at practice or even some of the teams that we played against there wasn't that much talent on one team."

Jackson talked about his breakout performance.

"It was Johnny finding me when I was open and our coaches calling all the right plays," Jackson said. "Just knowing what the defense was in. Really just pushing my routes hard and pushing to the right depth and running back to the ball when Johnny got pushed out the pocket. I caught a couple of screens, I guess the coaches gave me the ball to see what I was gonna do with it. So I just had to make plays."

After a long week of practice and playing in the all-star game Jackson was able to sit down and watch his Sooners defeat Connecticut 48-20.

"I watched it from kickoff to the final buzzer," Jackson stated. "It was a real good game. At first I was kind of like what's going on. I mean they were still playing good but I thought they were playing down to their competition. Once they got in a groove of it then things just started clicking like that."

On the night of the game Jackson received a call from wide receivers coach Jay Norvell as the Sooners were leaving to head to the stadium.

"He actually called me right before he was boarding the bus to go to the stadium for the game. He talked to me about the game what the players thought. Like how him and the receivers were going to approach the game. He understood that it was a real big game for them because they have the five straight BCS losses or whatever and they just kind of wanted to snap that. He told me that they were going to get after them. He asked me how things were in South Carolina."

Throughout his high school career Jackson had problems with injuries which caused him to miss quite a bit of time during his past few seasons. However, Jackson says he is now back at full strength.

"I'm back at 100 percent now," Jackson stated. "The small ACL tear that I had my junior year, after rehab it didn't bother me anymore. I'm probably at the best shape I've been in thus far in my life."

Now with his high school football career officially over Jackson is going to continue to stay on the grind working to get ready to be a Sooner in June.

"Just keep on working out with Tag Team Sportz and just stay on it and don't let up none. Keep on working hard. And I'm really looking forward to get to Norman."

Jackson finished his senior year at Sam Houston HS in Arlington (TX) with 34-catches for 438-yards and 4-touchdowns.

Midlands Recruiting Manager Greg Powers contributed to this report.

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