Attrition: Recruiting's Dark Side

The upcoming period, from the end of the college football season to National Signing Day on February 2 is definitely one of most exciting times of the year for a coaching staff and program.

But really it's exciting year round.

Just ask head coach Bob Stoops for emphasis on that.

"Yeah, I've always like the recruiting," Stoops said. "You know what, it isn't [treacherous] anymore. Heck, we've had our class committed since the summer. So, we're not running around right now trying to keep those guys to come here."

Indeed, OU doesn't have to stretch when it comes to getting big name guys.

"We can't [stretch], we're not going to do that because we're too high profile," Stoops said. "But, in the end, if we offer [a player] a year later and he still has a year to make his mind up, I still think we got a good chance of getting him.

"We're not going to [just offer]. No one's going to force our hand. I don't--you only get 25 or 18 or whatever they honor. We're going to make sure they're [the best]. We don't have to knee jerk it, meaning do it before we're sure what we want. I mean, there's too many good players out there. We'll wait and make sure we [get the best]. And we've been that way."

But while that's the advantage of recruiting at OU, there's an obvious disadvantage, especially with the 85-man scholarship restriction, and that's the concept of attrition.

"We always have attrition and there's always issues," Stoops said. "That stuff always happens here around spring ball and coming into next semester, so we'll see."

And again there's been some obvious concern with that following the 2010-11 season.

With the return of slot receiver Ryan Broyles and the arrival of stud Trey Metoyer, coupled with the rest of a stacked Sooner receiving corps, that's a suspicious spot.

So is the quarterback position, where the Sooners will have a wealth of talent after the signing of the 2011 class, which brings in Kendal Thompson to go along with Landry Jones, Drew Allen and Blake Bell.

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