Bedlam Bonanza

With two Wednesday afternoon decisions, OU's 2011 football schedule just got that much more difficult.

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden and star wide receiver Justin Blackmon both announced their plans to stay in Stillwater for another season.

"We won 11 games with a lot of inexperienced guys and a lot of young guys, and you can only think that it's going to get better," Weeden said. "We're excited with where we're at."

Blackmon added onto that.

"We have one goal, and that's to win all our games next year," Blackmon said. "It's the same goal we've had since I've been here. We fell short this year, and next year we're going to come out and we're going to try to get it."

Sounds familiar, huh?

"I'm coming back to win a national championship, point blank," said OU linebacker Travis Lewis, who revealed to Sooner Nation last week that he's staying in Norman for his final season. "Anything else would be a disappointment. That is the main goal. This is a program built on a tradition of championships, and I intend on being here for another one."

A couple days later, slot receiver Ryan Broyles announced his intentions to do the same.

"We've got a chance to have a very good team next season and I really want to be part of that," Broyles said. "I like the guys on the team and the coaches, and feel like there is more we can accomplish. Being at OU means a lot to me. It's a great environment."

Two different teams, two same missions.

Hold on NFL.

Bedlam 2011 must be played first.

This game undoubtedly was going to be tough for the Sooners, and same for the Cowboys.

This game undoubtedly was going to have a ton of hype.

But now?

At least going in, this contest now very likely figures to feature a pair of Top 10 teams, perhaps Top 5, with OU maybe even in the top spot.

And although the road to New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl just got that much tougher for the Sooners, it might have just got that much sweeter.

Beating Weeden and Blackmon again in their own stadium amidst all the buildup for this game would be perhaps the most fitting way OU could capture yet another BCS Championship appearance.

No doubt, this decision by a pair of pivotal OSU players packed a punch for next November, but what comes with it's not all bad for the Crimson and Cream.

Oh, if only it were fall already.

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