Recruiting Is Picking Up For McGee

Sooners Illustrated caught up with John Michael McGee to see how things have been going for him lately on the recruiting front. McGee talked about his top two teams and about when he is likely to make a decision on where to play his college ball at. Check below to see what the big man had to say.

With the Sooners recently wrapping up their season the coaching staff is now out on the recruiting trail stopping at school after school to check up on prospects they are looking at for next year's class. One of the prospects they recently stopped by to check up on was four-star offensive guard out of Texas High, John Michael McGee.

"The last week we were in school OU came to a basketball game," McGee stated. "And then we had Missouri come watch me practice. And then Arkansas came and watched me practice. It's starting to pick up I guess. I'm getting a lot of hand written letters and stuff like that from different schools."

It actually wasn't Oklahoma's offensive line coach James Patton that went to see McGee. Instead it was Oklahoma's new offensive coordinator - Coach Josh Heupel.

"It was Coach Heupel," McGee said. "We got back to the school the next day my basketball coach had said that Coach Heupel had asked him a few questions before the game. I really didn't get to talk with Coach Heupel really but he talked with my basketball coach."

McGee was unable to make it up to the Sooners first junior day that was held last month because of basketball but the big man says that he plans on getting up to Norman pretty soon.

"I haven't been up there yet again but mainly because of my basketball schedule but I do plan on getting back pretty soon I guess I'll be up there again," McGee explained.

Even though the Sooners sent Coach Heupel to check on McGee, the talented offensive lineman says he talks with multiple Sooner coaches on Facebook.

"I talk with Coach Patton, Coach Heupel, and sometimes Coach Stoops all on Facebook. We all keep in touch so it's mainly Facebook. All the coaches are using Facebook now."

When the Sooners took on Connecticut in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day McGee was watching. And the Sooners did what McGee thought they would do he says.

"Oh yes sir," McGee said about watching the Sooners bowl game victory. "Some people at school were joking around they thought Uconn was going to come up with an upset but I was like ‘nah'. They really did what I thought they would do, come out with a victory."

The last time Sooners Illustrated talked with McGee the Sooners were his leader at the time. Fast forward to now and that still hasn't changed but Missouri appears to be building steam.

"They're still the leader but I'm really starting to like Missouri," McGee stated. "I've been in contact with them a lot as well and they've come in and seen me practice. They've talked to my head football coach and basketball coach. So yeah I'm really starting to like them a lot too."

McGee, who states he has been verbally offered by Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas talked about what he likes about Oklahoma and Missouri.

Oklahoma – "When I went there I really liked how everything for the athletes, like the dorms and the kitchen or the cafeteria and everything was right there. It was close right by the stadium. Your dorms are like right across the street. You can walk straight to the stadium from your dorm. All the stuff, academic stuff was real close for the athletes. So I felt like that was a home, a home away from home. The coaches were really warming when I was there. They gave you time and I got to see with some of their football players. Like I said it just felt like a home away from home."

Missouri – "I hit up one of their coaches on Facebook. He had asked me if I had found out that they had offered me and I was like ‘No'. And he told me about them offering me. He came down and watched me practice and we started joking around a little bit. They want me to come down there too, so those two are my top right now."

When asked what school has been recruiting him the longest McGee had this to say.

"Oklahoma. I believe so. Oklahoma."

After reading the reasons why he likes Oklahoma and the fact that they were the first school to jump on him it sounds as if the Sooners are the team to beat. Now that could be the case but don't expect McGee to make an announcement anytime soon it appears.

"I'll probably just ride it out," McGee said when asked when he thinks he will announce his decision.

Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated for more updates on McGee.

Midlands Recruiting Manager Greg Powers contributed to this report

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