Sooners Pique Brewer's Interest

Sooners Illustrated is hard on the grind talking with 2012 recruits. Tonight we bring you an interview with Connor Brewer, four-star quarterback out of Chaparral HS out of Scottsdale (AZ). Brewer is one of the top quarterbacks in the country for the 2012 recruiting class. Check below to see what he had to say.


That seems to be the Sooners slogan for the quarterback position, a good one leaves and the next one steps in. Even though rival fans claim the system makes the quarterback at OU, that however does not appear to be true when looking at the facts.

Sam Bradford, after being identified as a system quarterback by some went on to win the Heisman and was then selected number one in last year's draft. He then went on to have a great rookie campaign that most likely will end with a rookie of the year award in his living room. "Next," is Landry Jones, who is now 2-0 in bowl games while leading the Sooners to another Big 12 Championship and is being talked about as a Heisman contender next season.

After reading that one will find it obvious that quarterbacks coach and new offensive coordinator, Josh Heupel does one heck of a job of evaluating talent and getting the most out of it that he can. The search for the "Next" quarterback in the 2012 class is underway and Connor Brewer is definitely catching Heupel's eye.

"I just kind of been talking to them," Brewer said. "I know they are heading down to my school, I think Coach Heupel, he's heading down to my school either this upcoming week or the week after that I'm pretty sure he's gonna come down and be with the coaches and kind of talk to them about me I think is what he said. I just want to sort of talk to him a little bit. He wants me to get down there as soon as I can and kind of check out what Oklahoma has."

The player that Heupel was and the coach he is now have definitely caught Brewer's attention.

"It's kind of started picking up right now but I've talked to him about three or four times. I think he's a pretty cool guy. He knows what he is talking about, just trying to build a relationship with him. He himself was a great quarterback obviously. That kind of helps knowing that he's a big quarterback guy. He knows a lot about the position. He's played it and played it well. So obviously he knows how to coach it. He knows how to be successful at it. And knowing that he's at Oklahoma, that great of a program and obviously won there that obviously piques my interest right now."

The 6-foot-3 and 190-pound Brewer threw for 2677-yards with 37-touchdowns to only six-interceptions. Brewer lead his Firebird teammates to a 14-0 record and a 5A division two State Championship. Brewer currently claims six offers from - Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas.

The weekend of the Sooners junior day Brewer will be attending Texas A&M's junior day but says he would love to be able to attend both.

Quite a few schools are trying to get the talented signal caller to visit their campus. He states he can't make it out to all of them but that he will try to get out to the schools he's looking at the hardest.

"I think Oklahoma is one of those schools that I'm going to get out too just because it's high on my list. I like Oklahoma and I like what they do there. I've been to Oklahoma one time for a camp when I was younger. And I kind of want to get back and take a more in-depth look at the school," Brewer explained.

Brewer will also be heading out to Alabama soon and will hit up Texas's junior day as well.

A few years back Brewer was in Norman for a one day camp and talked about what he liked about his time there.

"I liked it," Brewer said about his time in Norman. "It was cool. We got to go up in the trophy room at Oklahoma. I thought it was pretty cool seeing all the tradition. I took a picture of the rings I remember from all their National Championship titles. It's a cool place. I'm sure it's probably changed a little bit but I want to get back down to see the campus."

There are multiple things about Oklahoma that interests Brewer.

"I mean definitely the tradition," Brewer began. "I mean you grow up seeing Oklahoma as one of the best college programs in the nation. They are always battling for being one of the best and I mean definitely a great program with a great history of quarterbacks there. That's a big part that interest me is just because Oklahoma they have a great quarterback right now that is going to be a high draft pick. They always have a well coached quarterback and an offense for a pro-style guy like me and still run the ball a little bit. That's pretty much why I like Oklahoma especially."

Some recruits like to commit early to focus on their senior seasons while some like to take their time and announce on National Signing Day. Brewer will be one of those prospects that get's it out of the way early he says.

"I'm going to commit maybe a little early. I kind of want to commit before my senior season and get that out of the way. I know some schools like getting their quarterbacks early so that's one of the positions that commits earlier than most others, so probably before next season. I'll start narrowing my list down here in a couple of months, probably spring time."

One more thing that Brewer will be looking to do early is getting to his college destination at mid-semester which he states he is already working hard to do.

"Actually I am preparing to graduate early right now," Brewer explained. "If the school wants me to graduate early I'll be there and graduate but if they don't fine with me. Just whatever the schools wants me to do. I'm trying to graduate early just if the school wants me too."

Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated as the Sooners hunt for their next signal caller is in the works.

-Greg Powers-

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