Keenan has Huge Interest in OU

Sooners Illustrated continues to bring you coverage of the up and coming 2012 recruiting class. This time around we caught up with Trey Keenan, offensive tackle prospect out of Argyle HS in Argyle (TX). Keenan talked quite a bit about his interest in Oklahoma.

It wasn't long ago that Oklahoma received a commitment from Ben Habern, who was a four-star lineman coming out of Liberty Christian in Argyle (TX) back in 2008 and currently plays center for the Sooners. It appears that once again the Sooners may have another opportunity at another Argyle area star in 6-foot-5 and 270-pound offensive tackle prospect, Trey Keenan.

Even though he doesn't know Habern personally, Keenan still has ties to the Habern family.

"I know his brother, his brother made my highlight film. He does a lot of that for people here in Argyle," Keenan said.

And like Habern, Keenan has interest in the Sooners. There are quite a few things about Oklahoma that Keenan has taking a liking to including how close they are to his hometown.

"Oh yea I have huge interests in OU," Keenan stated. "I really like OU because it's not too far from home. The tradition there is tremendous. They always have a great team. I've always liked OU growing up. It's not a Texas school but it's just right down the road. I've never been to a game but I've always loved OU."

Keenan, who was recently on a junior day visit to Texas A&M says that he has been verbally offered by Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State and most recently Baylor.

There are teams that are standing out to Keenan in state as well as out of the state of Texas.

"I like Tech, Baylor and UT,' Keenan began. "Out of state it's Oklahoma, OSU and Nebraska."

Another junior day that Keenan says he would have liked to have attended but did not receive an invite to was the Oklahoma junior day in Norman on the 30th. Another opportunity however, has come about instead for the upcoming weekend for Keenan.

"We don't have a lot lined up right now because I still have to get the SAT test done here in February so I'm trying to get that done. Then this next week I wanted to go to OU for the junior day but I didn't know that the Team USA football was going to have me come down and do that tryout thing that they have," Keenan explained.

If he was to receive a last minute invite Keenan said he may still attend the depending on the time the junior day is taking place. Keenan talked a little bit about the tryout for the Under-19 Team USA football opportunity for 2012.

"I received a letter about it. I didn't really know anything about it I thought it was kind of a hoax deal. They sent more information about it. When I was out at (Texas) Tech, we went there and watched a game this year and I talked to some of the freshman and they said that they had played in it and stuff. They said they thought it was really cool. This year's (For 2012 class) one is going to be played in Dallas; it's played at Jerry World over there. I didn't know much about it and they said that they liked it and everything."

Over the years Keenan has gotten bigger and bigger stating he's added 25-pounds every year since his freshman year when he weight 190-pounds. Through those years Keenan has had the opportunity to play multiple positions on the football field but found his home on the offensive line where he has excelled.

"Seventh grade I was a quarterback and then I moved to receiver after that. Freshman year I was a receiver again. And then all of our offensive line was graduating and all of our defensive line was graduating. Freshman year I was on varsity but I didn't play much. Sophomore year I hit the weights and at the beginning of my sophomore year I was like 220 and I was a defensive lineman. Then after two-a-days I was an offensive tackle. Throughout the season when most people took it off I just kept hitting the squats and the bench and by the end of the year I was right around 235. I was first team all district as a sophomore."

"This past year I came in at like about 245 at the beginning of the year. Just did the same thing, when everybody else takes off you got to push a little harder then. Throughout the year I was much better this year I was the only returning starter as an offensive lineman from my year. Just kind of took off from there and I made First Team All-State this year. And I'm at about 270 from that.

Keenan and his Eagle teammates had a great year this year going 13-1 on the season. It came to an end in the State Quarterfinals against Carthage, who ended up winning the 3A Division Two State Championship. Keenan didn't sit around moping about the loss. Instead, a week later he was back at work with his dad.

"Actually the Saturday after Football we started throwing shot and disc, me and my dad did. We have an indoor shop that we throw in and we started weights you know, didn't want to skip a beat after that loss there to Carthage in that last game," Keenan explained.

Keenan says he is pretty good in the shot put.

"I'm pretty good at shot. I throw about 51-52 (ft) and in discus I throw in the 160's."

Throwing the shot and discus can also help big men like Keenan on their footwork which in turn helps them on the football field as well.

"It helps a lot just with being light on your feet, moving laterally and being athletic," Keenan said.

-Greg Powers-

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