Stoops' Offer Surprised Johnson

Sooners Illustrated caught up with Thomas Johnson, 2012 four-star wide receiver who received an offer from the Sooners while in attendance at their second junior day back on January 30th. Johnson talked about receiving the offer along with what all he did while on the visit. Check below to see what he had to say.

Heading down for his visit Thomas Johnson did not travel alone. Instead he came up to Norman with future Sooner, Franklin Shannon as well as his mom. While on the visit Johnson and Shannon got the opportunity to hang out with some old friends from Skyline HS.

"They showed us around and everything," Johnson began. "They showed us the locker room. We ate and everything. Me and Frank went to the dorm with Joe Powell and Corey Nelson and we got to see what it was like in the dorms. They pulled me and my mom aside and me and her got to see Coach Stoop's office and everything. They showed us like their study rooms and everything."

Having people already up at Oklahoma that he was already affiliated with made Johnson feel good about heading up for the visit.

"It made me feel good. It made me feel like I knew somebody. I was kind of looking forward to seeing them up there anyway because I called them both ahead of time and told them I was on my way up there for the junior day."

During the junior day Johnson was the only prospect in attendance who received an offer. The offer wasn't really a surprise for Johnson. Instead it was the coach that offered Johnson that was surprising to him.

"We were on the tour with everybody else. I had stopped by Coach Heupel, who was standing by himself and me and him stopped and we were talking. And when everybody else continued the tour, me and my mom and Coach Venables, Coach Venables showed us the way to get to Coach Stoop's office."

"It was a great experience. I've never had a head coach offer me face to face. I'm sure my mom enjoyed the whole experience. It was kind of surprising, it wasn't necessarily surprising because I knew that one day I would receive an offer from them but it surprised me that it came from Coach Stoops himself."

Johnson, who holds a number of offers from Arizona, Auburn, Baylor, California, Miami, Iowa Texas A&M and USC to name a few says the visit was a good experience and was his first time visiting a college.

"It was a good experience," Johnson said. "I like OU and I was kind of excited to go because it was my first time actually visiting a college. I was very excited and impressed with what they had to offer."

The 6-foot and 175-pound Johnson says Texas is coming at him pretty hard as well and that he will be attending their junior day. He also talked about a few other schools that he will either be getting out to see soon or later on this year.

"I plan on going to Texas Tech's junior day," Johnson said. "I don't know about California. I would but financial situations, I might have to wait until my official visit."

There is no leader or top three for Johnson at the moment. The talented wide receiver wants to soak up as much knowledge as he can on each and every college he can get out to see.

"Not really it's just a fair game for everybody," Johnson said. "I'm going to try and get out there and see as many colleges as I can. Just soak in all the knowledge that I can for my mom and the important people that I sit down and talk with everyday."

As a matter of fact the next school Johnson sees could very well be Oklahoma again in the near future.

"Yeah I plan on it," Johnson answered on if he will be heading up to Norman again soon. "I will probably go up there in about a week or so and spend some time with Joe or Corey to see how they do during the summer and everything."

Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated for more coverage on Johnson in the near future.

-Greg Powers-

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