RECRUITING: Top QB enjoys trip to Norman

Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar gives us a recap of his day at the Red/White game

Saturday was not only a big day for the Sooners because of the Red/White game, but was also big because Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar, the top junior quarterback in the country, visited the Sooners. While the Sooners had several others top recruits in town there is no doubt that Bomar was the most important to the Sooners.

The Sooners got lucky with Josh Heupel when they signed him because he turned out to be the best quarterback in the country, but was not highly rated coming out of high school or junior college. Bomar is highest-rated quarterback the Sooners have recruited since Bob Stoops has been the head coach at OU and he is one of the most desired quarterbacks the Sooners have recruited since Bob Stoops has been at OU. OU earmarked Bomar as their quarterback of the future when he was a sophomore and their relationship has been going on for that long.

Bomar and his father/coach - Jerry Bomar - spent the day in Norman and the Sooners rolled out the red carpet in every way they could for an unofficial visit. It is generally assumed that the Sooners are in a major battle with Texas for Bomar's services, but if genuine desire and true feelings for a player play a big part in his decision, then the Sooners will win out in the end. Early Sunday afternoon I had a chance to talk with Rhett about his visit to OU.

JH: How did your unofficial visit go to OU this past Saturday?

RB: "I had a great time. I really did. We left about 6:30 (AM) and got there about 9:30 (AM) and we immediately talked to Coach Stoops. Then we went into the locker room and they had a locker with my name plate on it and a jersey with my name on it. That was so great and it was a great feeling to see it up there. I got to take a picture with my dad with me wearing the jersey.

"Then we went to talk to Coach Schmidt and he showed me things he does with quarterbacks to make us better players. He and Josh Heupel demonstrated the exercises for us. Then I went back and talked to Coach Long a little bit and Jack Mildren was there. He talked to my dad a little bit. Then we went to watch a highlight video and Josh watched it with us. Keith Jackson and J.C. Watts were around and that was a thrill to meet them and watch film with them.

"We went to eat and Toby Keith was there. That made my girlfriend jealous when I told her that I met Toby Keith, because she is a big Toby Keith fan. After that I went to the position meetings with Coach Long and that was very interesting. During that time my dad went back and watched film on his own and I think he enjoyed that. I watched the game with Josh and before the game Josh took me down to the field. Later during the game Coach Stoops took me over to ESPN and I had a chance to meet with Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. That was a tremendous thrill.

"All the people started coming over there to the East side, so we moved to the South end zone to watch the game. After the game we went back to the coaches offices and watched a bunch of film with Coach Long and then talked to Coach Stoops for a little while. At that point it was getting pretty late and we decided we need to get on the road."

JH: Did you see the signs or hear the chants that the crowd had in your honor yesterday?

RB: "I didn't hear it or see the sign, but Coach Stoops told me about it and my dad said that he thought he heard it."

JH: What did you think of the crowd?

RB: "I have been to the games and they are cool. That was a scrimmage and to have 40-thousand plus fans at the game was pretty impressive."

JH: After your visit Saturday, what are your thoughts on OU?

RB: "I love Oklahoma and have always had. They are right up at the top of my list, but I am not ready to make a decision at this time. This weekend certainly helped them, or I guess you could say that. To be honest, they have always been at the top of my list."

JH: When do you feel you will make a decision?

RB: "I really don't have any idea when I will make a decision, but I know I won't make it before spring football starts for me. It starts on April 26th and it will be over in mid or late May. I know I will not make a decision before that is over. After spring football there may be a possibility that I make it then, but I really don't of that will be the case or not."

JH: Is your decision down to OU and Texas?

RB: "It is not down to two schools. I think I owe it to myself to explore other options and look at other schools. I would say Notre Dame, Florida State, Georgia and maybe Miami."

JH: Do you feel there is a great difference between OU and Texas?

RB: "I don't really know. If you look at facilities they both have great facilities. They are both going to win a lot of football games. I don't know if there are great differences between the two."

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