Bennett Getting Looks

Sooners Illustrated caught up with Graham Bennett out Casady School in Oklahoma City (OK). Bennett is being recruited by most of the Big 12 including the Sooners and believes that he could actually be a great tight end. Check inside for more.

Graham Bennett played defensive end and right tackle for his Casady squad this past season and stood out to multiple college programs. The 6-foot- 6 and 245-pound prospect states he is being recruited by most of the Big 12 but has a few schools that are sticking out to him at the moment.

"I'm real high on Missouri and KU have probably contacted me the most," Bennett stated. "And OU over the past couple of weeks has really grabbed my attention."

According to Bennett every school he has talked to is recruiting him for defensive end and tight end including the Sooners, but Bennett believes he could be great at one of those positions in particular.

"I think I'd be a great tight end," Bennett started. "I think I am athletic enough to just grab the ball and run. I'm fast enough and I think that would be a great spot for me."

When talking about the Sooners there are multiple aspects of the Oklahoma program that jump out at Bennett with tradition being his favorite.

"I mean its OU," Bennett said. "I mean that's it that's all you really have to say. You know the tradition and how well they have been over the last couple of years. Some people say they are college football and the foundation of it so I mean it's just tradition. I love that."

Bennett, who runs a 4.78 forty and a 52-second 400 meters is currently in track and field and participates in the discus, the high jump, the 4x400 meters as well as the open 400 meters. The Sooner coach that is handling Bennett's recruiting is newly hired tight ends coach Bruce Kittle,

"We keep in contact a lot," Bennett said about coach Kittle. "Coach Kevin Wilson, he was my guy until he moved."

The Sooners and Bennett kind of were at a halt once Wilson left but Kittle has done a good job picking up where Wilson left off with Bennett.

"It's great," Bennett said about his and Coach Kittle's relationship. "He just Facebook messaged me one day and we just started talking. I met him in the summertime and I doubt he remembered my face but I even liked him then."

Bennett has been busy with basketball up until just recently and has already started visiting college campuses as well.

"I just got back from Kansas this past weekend and I'll probably go to Kansas State March 4th or March 5th. And then I think to Nebraska sometime in late March."

Even though Oklahoma wasn't mentioned in his upcoming visit schedule Bennett says he does have plans to get to Norman again here soon.

"I've been there for regular stuff like basketball games," Bennett said about Norman. "And I did a little tour not too long ago of the campus. I will probably go to some of their spring practices and probably their scrimmage as well."

Bennett does appear to have some strong interest in the Oklahoma Sooners but he does say he would like to get out and see what else it out there outside of Oklahoma.

"I would love to see what else is out there for sure. I mean I love how OU happens to be 40-minutes away and it's that great of a college program but I would love to see what else is out there."

On the year Bennett finished the season with 50-tackles along with six-sacks. Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated for more coverage on Bennett moving forward.

-Greg Powers-

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