Despite Financial Change, McCoy's Stay Same

NORMAN, Okla. -- Fame and fortune changes a lot of people.

Not the case with former OU defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Or his father, Gerald McCoy Sr., for that matter.

The McCoy's stay the same people, although they're undoubtedly much more well off after Gerald's first season of his big contract.

"I'm not a big splurger," McCoy said. "I'm still--well, I can't say the word cheap anymore. I've been advised to use the word frugal, you know, but yeah I'm very cheap, I'm very tight with my money."

There's a reason for that.

"I take care of the people who take care of me," McCoy said. "That's my motto, and, you know, so my family, the people who are close to me, I take care of them. I give them whatever they want. But other than that, I don't really splurge much."

He admits, though, there is one thing he definitely puts that money to good use for.

"I actually love buying movies," McCoy said. "I have a 400-disc blue ray changer, and I have to buy another one because I've already filled it."

McCoy Sr. hasn't changed, either.

"The same guy that you guys seen in college who was at the hotel before we were, and when we got in there, he was at the door [is the guy he is today]," McCoy said. "It hasn't changed, and what's great about it is he pays for all his own tickets. I get him the game tickets; he finds a way to the game. And you can't ask for anything better than that because when a guy gets put in a position like mine, you know, you hear these stories about how it changes family, and they start asking for all these things and all that. He hasn't done that."

Heck, McCoy Sr. won't even quit his job.

"I try to [convince him]--I asked him did he want to retire?" McCoy said. "And he said, ‘Yeah, whenever I get ready.' You know, he gets up every day at 5:30 and goes to work. And he doesn't have to so, I mean, that's a blessing."

McCoy Sr. did decide he might be able to use a new car, though.

But not without a twist in the story.

"Yeah, one time, you know, funny story is I asked him to go look for a car, and he said, ‘Nah, I ain't going to do that,'" McCoy said. "You know, whatever. So, I get a call. I go because I bought me a BMW, so I go up there, and [they say], ‘Yeah, you're father was up here. I said, ‘Huh? He was--I think y'all got the wrong guy.'

"So, I called my pops. I was like, ‘Hey Dad, these BMW people are saying you was up there.' ‘Well, you said go look for a car.' I said, ‘Didn't you tell me you wasn't going?' So, you know, but other than that, he doesn't want anything. He hasn't asked for anything. I try and get him stuff. He still thinks that we're broke, so, you know, he's still trying to wake up to the fact that we're not."

But one thing they still remain are a modest father and son pair that haven't changed in personality one bit.

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