RECRUITING: Florida safety says OU tough to beat

Jacksonville, Fla. free safety Brett Bowers talks about his trip to Norman for the Red/White game


JH: What kind of Academy do you attend?

BB: "It is not really an academy, but we just call it that. We have to wear a collared shirt and slacks. On Thursday we wear ties, but every other day we just have to wear collared shirts."

JH: How did your weekend go in Oklahoma?

BB: "It was awesome and everything was great, especially how the coaches treated me. I liked it when I walked into the locker room and they had a locker with my name on the plaque and then a jersey with my name on it. I had an hour with Coach Mike Stoops by himself and that was fascinating. Then after the game I talked with Coach Bob Stoops for quite a while."

JH: I am sure you paid attention to the Sooner secondary, so what impressions did you come away with?

BB: "They were well-coached and all big and thick. They run the zone blitz better than anybody, but their offense didn't try to go deep on them that much so I didn't get a chance to see how the defended the long ball. When I watched film with Coach (Mike) Stoops we watched the Rose Bowl and I saw how they defended the deep ball. One thing I like when I was talking to Coach (Bob) Stoops is that he compared me Todd Johnson, his safety at Florida and he was great player. He was a stud."

JH: What are you thinking about recruiting at this point?

BB: "I will probably make my decision in two or three weeks, but right now OU is my number one choice. I am still going to take an unofficial visit to Virginia Tech next weekend and then take a decision shortly after that. OU is my solid number one right now and they will be very tough to beat."

JH: Did you also visit OSU this weekend?

BB: "That went pretty good. I talked to Les Miles for a while and their DB coach for about an hour. They gave me a tour of the facilities and that visit went well, but you couldn't compare it to OU and how special OU is."

JH: You mentioned that you thought the OU secondary look big, but you are pretty big yourself aren't you? Don't you think you would fit right in?

BB: "Coach (Mike) Stoops told me to get to 195 pounds for my senior season and then when I get to OU I would add about five pounds per year."

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