He Will Get the Best

NORMAN, Okla. -- If history keeps its course, Athletic Director Joe Castiglione will have no problem finding the right guy for the job that will restore things back to how they were before.

Example: Bob Stoops

When Castiglione hired the Florida assistant, OU was coming off three consecutive losing seasons and five without a winning record.

In fact, in those five seasons before Castiglione snagged the Youngstown native, the Sooners were just 23-33-1, a .404 winning percentage.

Consider OU has a nation's best .763 winning percentage since World War II, and that explains just how far down in the dumps the program was.

Castiglione restored it when he made that hire.

Since then, OU has racked up 129 wins in 12 seasons with a ridiculous .806 winning percentage.

That includes the 2000 National Championship, three other National Championship Game appearances and seven Big 12 Titles.

Oh, and OU has finished with nine 10-win seasons, six of which were 12 wins or more.

Needless to say, Castiglione struck gold with Stoops.

Example: Sunny Golloway

The Sooners were just 23-20 in 2005 and only five games over .500 in former head coach Larry Cochell's final five years when he resigned due to racial remarks he made to a pair of ESPN reporters.

Granted, Cochell did great things in his time at OU, winning the program's second National Championship back in 1994 and taking it to another College World Series appearance in 1995, but the program was in a rut.

Hiring Golloway?he briefly served as interim head coach?got them out of it.

OU finished that year 35-26 and has since won 40 games three times, including last year's 50-win season that culminated in a return trip to Omaha, ending a 15-year drought.

Golloway has guided OU to 236 victories and just 119 setbacks since taking over the reins back in 2005, good for a .663 winning percentage.

See, both hires have been excellent decisions for Castiglione.

And Jeff Capel wasn't necessarily a bad hire by any stretch of the imagination.

Amidst all the negatives, he was a young talent that had excelled at Virginia Commonwealth with a 79-41 record, including a Colonial Athletic Association title, NCAA Tournament and NIT appearance in four years, and he brought in star forward Blake Griffin in his time at OU.

Not only that, he led the Sooners to an Elite Eight.

So, Capel wasn't a complete bust.

He just didn't work out.

But history of these other hires weighs heavily in Castiglione's favor.

He will make a solid hire.

And the Sooners will return to how they were before.

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