Out of Bounds

NORMAN, Okla. -- The Sooner head coaching search saga is now two weeks old, and there's still no definitive news on who the new guy will be, but it appears one is most likely out.

Marquette head coach Buzz Williams appears to be out of the hunt, as he's poised to sign a contract extension that will pay him in excess of $2 million per year, sources told FOXSports.com Sunday night.

But here's more of the basis for why he's out of the running:

1. The buyout price--As most everyone else believes, I also think athletic director Joe Castiglione is willing to pay whatever price to snag the best candidate off the market. But pay $3.8 million to buy him out? That might be excessive, and that's a major reason why Castiglione ultimately won't go this route.

2. Williams' interest level--Let's face it: There's two things that determine whether or not a guy becomes the next coach somewhere. Does the athletic director consider him the best fit for the job, and does the candidate consider it the best fit for him. Sources indicate Williams isn't 100 percent solid on the position, which shows that the second part of this equation isn't fulfilled. Whether it's because the state of the program or some other reason, he's just not quite all-in for OU.

Now, there are obvious reasons why this could have happened.

First, he's a Texas native with clear ties to the region, as he graduated from Oklahoma City University back in 1994.

And money doesn't necessarily seem to be a restricting factor. It's just the fact that the buyout price might be too much to invest considering the money OU's set to pay off Jeff Capel.

Also, Castiglione and most of Sooner nation appears to really like this guy.

He's a good fit and would revitalize the program.

But ultimately Williams will not be the 14th head coach at the University of Oklahoma.

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