What Lon Kruger Brings to the Table

NORMAN, Okla. -- The head coaching search is finally over, but the discussion most certainly isn't, especially as Sooner fans wonder what to expect from the new coach.

He will bring a number of things, including the following:

1. A tough-nosed style of play on both sides of the ball--People will try to analyze his coaching style with previous Sooner greats on the hardwood like Billy Tubbs' fast-paced, frenetic style and Kelvin Sampson's grind-it-out, defend and win ugly type. But in reality, Kruger will bring a combination of both of those with a team that won't be afraid to get out and attack in transition but will defend aggressively and rebound soundly. Look for his Sooners to excel in the half court as well.

2. Great leadership--Kruger is 58 years old, and with that comes a lot of wisdom. He's coached in a lot of games, 783 to be exact at the college level, and he's won 479 of those, good for a .612 winning percentage. Kruger has taken four different programs to the NCAA Tournament, including his alma mater, Kansas State, Florida, Illinois and most recently UNLV. That even includes a Final Four trip with the Gators back in 1994. And he's done it the right way, without so much as a slap on the wrist from the NCAA in his 25 years.

3. Solid recruiting--Not only will he be a solid leader and get his teams to play with a sense of urgency all the time, but he'll bring in great talent as well. Kruger has a history of recruiting well in his previous stops. Just as he's a classy coach, he'll also pick up class act players with a will to win.

Said Scout.com Recruiting Analyst Evan Daniels: "Lon Kruger is a terrific coach, and he's done a very good job at UNLV. Recruiting wise he's proven he can get players, and on the court he's terrific."

So, Kruger brings this and a whole lot more as OU's 14th career head men's basketball coach.

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