More of the Same from McGee

Sooners Illustrated caught up with John Michael McGee last night to see what the Texas HS offensive line prospect has been up to lately. McGee talked about visits and more. Check inside for more info.

Last month the 6-foot-3 and 275-pound four-star center prospect took a visit to see the Arkansas Razorbacks. This past weekend John McGee was back on the recruiting trail, this time around he was in Austin (TX) to see the Longhorns spring game.

The visit however, did not go the way McGee believed it would, but the big man says he can't complain.

"I was at Texas for their spring game and things didn't go as expected, but I can't complain. My parents had a good time,' McGee said.

The Sooners annual spring game is approaching here on April 16th and McGee says there is a possibility that he will be in attendance.

"Coach Heupel told me about it not too long ago," McGee began. "I don't know for sure yet if I will be in attendance but it's a possibility."

There has been one main constant throughout McGee's recruitment and that is his love for the Sooners. When asked if there are any schools standing out to him currently other than Oklahoma here is what McGee had to say.

"It's kind of a leveled off playing field after OU," McGee explained.

As far as his relationship with the Sooners goes, it is still great according to McGee.

"It has been sort of the same since the beginning, great you know, although it hasn't been a daily ordeal. We've grown to know each other fairly well."

Even though he isn't shy about how much he likes the Sooners, McGee says he is still evaluating all his options at this moment in time.

"I'm still taking my time," McGee stated when asked if he is thinking about making a decision.

McGee is currently focused on Track and offseason workouts. Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated for more coverage on McGee in the future.

-Greg Powers-

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