Trying to Get to Norman

Last month the Sooners extended an offer to Terry Richardson, a four-star cornerback out of Cass Technical HS in Detroit (MI). The Michigan native is trying to get to Norman to check out what the Sooners have to offer. Check inside for the latest news on Richardson and the Sooners.

Last month Oklahoma secondary Coach Willie Martinez and Head Coach Bob Stoops decided they liked what they saw in Terry Richardson and went ahead and offered the talented corner prospect. It was an offer that the 5-foot-9 and 162-pound corner did not expect to receive due to his size.

"Actually I didn't know if I was going to get the offer or not but when I did get it I was pretty happy about it," Richardson said. "But I didn't really know if Oklahoma came after db's (defensive backs) that were pretty under sized when it comes to height but they did come after me. So I was more than happy to get it and as of right now I'm trying to plan a trip down there so I can go down there and check it out even more."

A visit to Norman is something that Richardson believes could happen as soon as next week.

"I go on spring break next week. So around that time I'm really going to try and make it down there if I can. That's what I'm trying to plan it around."

Richardson says he talks with Coach Martinez as well as Coach Stoops quite often which has him excited for his visit.

"Actually, I have spoken with him a numerous amount of times," Richardson said about Coach Martinez. "I have spoken to Coach Stoops on Facebook a lot. He is very excited for me to come down there so I just can't wait to make that trip."

Last season Richardson had 30-tackles along with eight-interceptions. He now has 17-offers from the likes of Alabama , Iowa , LSU, Michigan , Notre Dame, USC and Ohio State to name a few. It's the big schools that have offered that Richardson says are pursuing him the hardest but none stick out really above the next for the time being.

"Some of the bigger schools have been coming at me hard within the schools that have offered me like Oklahoma and Notre Dame," Richardson explained. "All those schools have been coming at me hard. Those two are some of the ones that stick out but then again you still got Alabama , LSU and those schools USC and Ohio State . They have been coming at me pretty hard to so everything is pretty open and I can't really say who has been sticking out the most."

When talking to Richardson about his interest in Oklahoma it's obvious he has been following the Sooners for some time.

"I've been watching Oklahoma for some time," Richardson began. "I've been watching those schools pretty much growing up. I remember watching the BCS National Championship game between them and USC and watching DeMarco Murray and Adrian Peterson. So you know Oklahoma isn't a school that I'm not familiar with but I just want to go down there and check it out and see it with my own two eyes."

Distance from home is not something that is going to bother Richardson. "It doesn't matter where it's at, if I like it then I'm going," Richardson stated.

Richardson 's play on the field earned him an invite to the Under Armour All-American Game next January which is where he says he may announce his decision.

"I'm going to try and get it over with at the Under Armour All-American game. If not then I will make my decision at the USA versus the World Game," Richardson said.

Currently, Richardson is in track season where he runs the open 200 meters, open 400 meters along with the 4x200m relay. He has run a 22.2 in the 200 and a 49.3 in the 400 meters. With track season in play Richardson says he can't really plan any other visits but may try to make it out to some spring games soon.

"I can't really plan any right now being in track season but I might make it down to Notre Dame or Michigan or Ohio State 's spring game. And I might just try to pop up at schools whenever I can. I'm going down to Pittsburgh for the Badger Sport 7-on-7 this weekend."

Sounds as though Richardson definitely has legitimate interest in the Crimson and Cream so stick with Sooners Illustrated moving forward as we work to keep you updated on when and if his visit to Norman comes to fruition in the near future.

-Greg Powers-

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