RECRUITING: Does OU still lead for Florida FS?

Jacksonville, Fla. FS Brett Bowers talks about his interest in OU after his trip to Virginia Tech


JH: How did your visit to Virginia Tech go?

BB: "My visit to Virginia Tech went well. I met Coach (Frank) Beamer and he offered when I met him and we talked for about 45 minutes. Then I went and talked to the players and met some of the other coaches and that went real well. I talked for a little while with Marcus Vick and he has some good things to say about Virginia Tech and everything went great."

JH: At this point how is recruiting shaping up with you?

BB: "My decision is now between OU and Virginia Tech. I would say that I am still leaning toward OU a little bit, but the two teams are pretty close right now."

JH: What are the differences in the two schools?

BB: "The architecture of Virginia Tech is different. It is all stone and the stadium fits down in the ground a little bit and it is real nice. OU has a nice campus and their stadium is nice as well, but it is different. They are both good football programs and this year I don't know which program would be better than the other."

JH: How would your style of play fit in with both teams?

BB: "I would fit in with both teams. I talked to Coach (Mike) Stoops and I could fit in with all three of their safety positions. Coach Beamer told me that I could easily fit in there because they play a cover three all the time and I could fit in at the deep safety easily."

JH: Are you taking any more visits?

BB: "I am going to Alabama and Arkansas this week. I am going to Alabama Friday and Saturday and then to Arkansas the following the Tuesday and Wednesday. Then May 5 Coach Mike Stoops will be at practice and I hope to make a decision on that day."

JH: Are you playing baseball or running track?

BB: "I am not playing baseball this year because I recently had knee surgery. I told my MCL the first day of practice and sat out for a little bit thinking that it was hyper-extended or something and then just taped it up and played with it all year. After we won the state title I had it checked and the doctor told me I had tore my MCL, so we had it fixed right after the season and I was cleared to resume workouts about a month ago. I am not running track, but I have my own personal speed coach and my workouts are going fine."

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